Be Prepared

When foxing, especially in bad weather with the associated deadly ground conditions, it is extremely important to ensure you are properly kitted up. I recall visiting a local farm notorious for its wet ground, so much so that it could almost be a marsh. I’d visited a few times before and had glimpses of fox, but hadn’t had the chance of a sure shot.

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NEW! The Shooting Show – driven grouse in the wind and rain

We’re at Farndale with a star-studded Shooting Show team for a dazzling driven day courtesy of Bernard Moss and co. But the weather isn’t playing ball, and we’re met with horizontal rain and high winds. But clothed in high-spec Deerhunter

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NEW: The Shooting Show – Pete and Shep go pigeon shooting

Pete Carr and Shep have a day at the pigeons planned – but the pair start to get cold feet (literally) when the day’s monsoon-like conditions reveal themselves in all their horror. Pete’s the first one to come up with

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The rain buck

Some roe do not live up to our common conception of them, as David Barrington Barnes found one wet evening during the buck season I think it’s fair to say that the consensus of opinion among expert roe stalkers is that

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