Ask the experts: Small rangefinder or binocular type?

I am thinking of getting a rangefinder for foxing. What’s your opinion of the range finding binocular option as opposed to the normal small rangefinder?

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Ask the experts: How can I get the best out of my rangefinder?

Any tips to get the most out of a rangefinder? I find mine quite fiddly to use and get accurate results with – my usual quarry is the fox, so not the biggest and easiest animal to range. Should I just give up?

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Driven to success

Paul Childerley reports from Germany where, as a guest of optics manufacturer Zeiss, he enjoyed two days’ driven hunting The highlight of my annual hunting calendar is attending the Zeiss Media Hunt in Laubach, Germany. Last December the event was

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Historical hunt

On German ground that has hosted Göring and Honecker as hunting guests in the past, Thomas Nissen experiences what a top-notch driven hunt is like today Germany is a country with great hunting traditions, most of which are probably familiar

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Plan B – for Billy

Frustrated in his attempts to hunt red stags while in Scotland, Paul Childerley turns his attention to feral goats – and bags a Galloway billy for his efforts I’ve always wanted to hunt the Scottish red stag in the rut

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Sightron promotion at Aim Field Sports

Aim Field Sports will be running a promotion starting Monday 20th July with a special deal on the new Sightron SVSS 10-50×60 riflescope. Sightron are proud to be sponsors of John Costello, 2013 World Field Target Champion. John will be

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Optics giveaway

Sporting Rifle has not one but three prizes from Leupold to give away, courtesy of GMK

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Long-range success

Byron Pace takes the Leupold RX-1000 to the range, testing its rangefinding capabilities and its built-in ballistic calculator at longer and longer distances

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Laser precision

The new rangefinding scope from Burris claims to give shooters a reliable point of aim as well as a range. Tim Pilbeam finds out whether it really works

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