Ahead of its time: Byron Pace drags the .280 Ross back from obscurity

As I write this I am toiling with a very hard decision. It’s an affliction most hunters suffer with, where every so often the unexplainable desire to own a new calibre begins to burn. Intending it to be a second

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Bullets, MVs and groups: Part two of Laurie Holland’s investigation into the 6.8mm Rem SPC

We have a small AR/M16/M4 compatible .270 calibre cartridge, the project inspired and driven by American military Spec-Ops users. It employs a slightly shorter case than that of the 5.56/.223, but it’s fatter – increasing the capacity – and has

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.22-250 REM

  In terms of terminal performance, the .22-250 Rem is superb. In 2013 I supplied a series of articles for Sporting Rifle magazine in which I endeavoured to find the ‘ultimate foxing calibre’. Though I handed many of the calibres

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.280 Remington

The .280 Remington has never gained the same attention as the well-used .270 Winchester. It is, however, a potentially superior cartridge.

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Lightening the load

Paul Harding experiments with some reduced recoil loads, and finds that big-bore rifles needn’t make you wince

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Coney control

Tony Megson brings about the demise of a number of crop-raiding coneys and longs for the crops to be away so he can get at them properly

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Federal firepower

Byron Pace puts the Nosler-topped Federal V-Shok .223 Remington ammunition to the test

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A varminter’s dream

Long-range varminting specialist Tim Pilbeam gets his hands on a rifle that’s tailored to his favoured discipline: the Remington 700 VSSF in .220 Swift

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