Pulsar thermal imagers just got even better!

Pulsar has launched its latest 4.0 Firmware, which enhances the performance of all XP thermal imaging models – Thermion, Helion, Trail, Accolade and Lexion Series. The updated 4.0 Firmware features significant performance enhancing changes, such as: image detail boost; a

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Chris Parkin reviews Blaser optics

Blaser isn’t just a rifle or shotgun brand – it’s a big name in the optics world, too, and Chris Parkin has one of their flagship offerings on test Blaser, as a brand, have a very loyal following, and when

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Hawke’s newest release

The newest release from Hawke is perfectly suited to use on a .22, finds Chris Parkin. Hawke’s Frontier Mil-Pro riflescope is due on sale this summer and has a huge amount to offer rifle shooters across a broad range of

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Sights for boar eyes

If you’re heading to the continent for a driven shoot, what kind of optic do you take – a low-mag riflescope or something more dedicated? Chris Parkin considers the options…

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Sponsored: Swarovski Optik on the quest for the highest precision

Swarovski supply innovative, reliable, and robust instruments that offer razor sharp images, and excellent colour reproduction

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