.204 Ruger calibre for foxing with Mike Powell

Mike Powell explores the history of the .204 Ruger calibre and tests it as a foxing round with his trusty custom rifle. The H-S Precision actioned .204 Ruger from Mike Norris has proved its worth Over the many years I’ve

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243 Model 11 from Savage review

The weight is over for Mike Powell as he enjoys the perks of the slimline .243 Model 11 from Savage. Having owned and shot rifles for more years than I care to remember one thing has become clear to me:

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VikingShoot launch new website

Viking Arms have just announced the launch of their brand new website. Viking Arms have got you covered whether you are a rifle or target shooter, whether you enjoy shooting clays or testing game birds, or both! And they have

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The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing with the Ruger Precision .22

There’s no rest for the wicked as Stuart Wilson’s out in the field again with his Ruger .22 – and a centrefire to boot. Now familiar with his new box seat, he camps out for a vigil where rabbit, roe

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Stuart Wilson’s rabbit raid

Credit: James Gledhill / Getty Images Stuart Wilson recruits two shooting buddies while on a .22 rabbit control mission, and is even kind enough to hand one of them the rifle. Don’t forget to check out the equipment used at

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Ruger Hawkeye Review

Over the years I have owned a few American-made firearms, both rifles and shotguns, and I have always come to the same conclusion: American rifles are built to do the job, rather than please the eye of the beholder.

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Ruger Scout Review

The Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 is an interesting-looking rifle, and one that doesn’t give away its identity too lightly.

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Ruger Hawkeye Review

As soon as the Hawkeye was removed from its packaging, I handed it over to my fellow fox shooting colleague and experienced rifleman Darren, to see what his first impressions were – it is always good to have an alternative view.

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.204 Ruger

The .204 Ruger is an interesting, quirky calibre that would be a joy to own, but has limited practical application.

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Lightening the load

Paul Harding experiments with some reduced recoil loads, and finds that big-bore rifles needn’t make you wince

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