The Shooting Show – last stag stalk of the season with Chris Dalton

Back in October, Chris Dalton has a last-minute red stag stalk to take care of, with one left to complete his cull quota and just a couple of days to do it in. On a solo stalk on the Kinnaird

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Good red deer results in Scotland

Scotland’s upland Deer Management Groups (DMGs) have been assessed for the third time in six years. Representatives of the sector are confident that the review will show good progress and recognise its significant contribution to the environment.  Richard Cooke, Chairman

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(SPONSORED) Where to shoot in the UK: The Gearach, Isle of Islay, Scotland

Islay, the famous whisky island, is also famous for its big hill red stags

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The Shooting Show – cull stag double with Stuart Wilson

It’s the first day of the red stag season in Scotland, and to mark the occasion we bring you a stag stalk we filmed north of the border last year. Normally situated behind the Shooting Show camera, Stuart Wilson steps

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David Barrington Barnes on the Macnab

Credit: ellenamani / iStock / Getty Images With the red stag season beginning in Scotland, David Barrington Barnes remarks that it’s not all about the glorious Macnab – there are more accessible options that are just as enjoyable Most Sporting

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Sporting Rifle 169 is on sale NOW

The latest issue of Sporting Rifle Magazine is available for purchase now! July sees the start of the roe rut, the opening of the stag season in Scotland, as well as summer stalks abroad and the ever-present muntjac and fox.

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A lifetime of rifles

From humble beginnings with a BSA to today’s exploits with Sauer, Howa, Anschütz and CZ, Mike Powell discusses the rifles that have been important to his shooting life I really can’t explain why I have always been heavily involved with

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Walk on the Wild Side

Detailing a different kind of hunt, Byron Pace reports from his wilderness red hind stalks in the 2017 season

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The stag party

Far from a rowdy night out, a Highland stag stalk is all the better for being able to share it with friends, as David Barrington Barnes explains

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Forest fortune

Chris Dalton has to negotiate some testing re-stock forestry on the hunt for red deer – and finds that getting out is going to be harder than getting in

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