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Werritty report brings uncertainty

A government-led review of grouse moor management stopped short of recommending a ban on driven grouse shooting – but rural groups warn it could still lead to ‘seismic’ change for grouse moors in Scotland.  The Werritty Review, which has now

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Mixed views on wildlife sentences

Scotland’s plans to toughen up on wildlife crime have come under scrutiny at a round-table discussion in Holyrood. Credit: Wikimedia / Klaus with K The proposals, made as part of the Animals and Wildlife (Protections, Penalties and Powers) (Scotland) Bill,

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Stags left to rot

The John Muir Trust, dedicated to “protecting and enhancing wild places” has culled 86 deer and left the carcases to rot, wasting over £100,000 in lost revenue from stalking and venison sales. The cull has angered local gamekeepers and residents,

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