Hunting in the Eastern Cape

Joe Barton of ATN gets the chance to use the company’s state-of-the-art scopes on a safari trip to the Eastern Cape, courtesy of RWI. Want to book your own hunt at Olivewoods? Contact Real World Hunting on 01432 800445 or

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Muntjac Symposium gathers to manage invasive species

Deer experts from all over the UK are gathering at Newcastle University to review the status of the non-native muntjac deer and to plan how to keep the North of England and Scotland free of muntjac. The small, Chinese muntjac

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Stalking debutant

Paul Childerley meets Imogen – who has never stalked before and doesn’t even eat meat – and gives her a sporting introduction on his favoured species, the Chinese water deer I’ve always been one for promoting and bringing in new

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Day one w/ Paul Childerley

The date is 1st August, and Paul Childerley is setting out after a roebuck but ends up pursuing an entirely different species of deer… The opening day of the fallow season, 1 August, and I’d arranged to meet my buddy

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Red alert for Chris Dalton

Photo: Justus de Cuveland / Getty Images Amid a busy September for Chris Dalton, he finds time to take an American visitor out for a roebuck – or an opportune red stag. September can be a mixed bag for us.

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The doe imperative

Credit: Arterra Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo As the autumn nights get closer, soon we will turn our attentions to the doe cull. And as such we are looking back at Editor-in-chief Pete Carr’s considerations on selection and methods

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Uncertain Origins

Editor Pete Carr charts the history of the roe deer in the UK, from the rapid post-war population explosion back to near extinction at the turn of the 19th century

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Wildlife ‘thrived’ in UK in 2013

The hot summer witnessed in the UK this year provided a springboard for wildlife species to “thrive”, says a National Trust report.

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Return of the tusker

Editor Pete Carr researches the return to Britain of our only dangerous game animal after an absence of 300 years and looks into the legends of this formidable quarry

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