Best rifles for foxing

Errant foxes can be an issue all year every year, so we’ve picked ten rifles that will help you keep Charlie at bay. Steyr Arms Zephyr II The Zephyr II was announced by Steyr in 2016 and continues to be

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In-depth with the Steyr Mannlicher

Stuart Wilson gets his hands on the Steyr Mannlicher CLII SX in .243 topped with a Nightforce SHV scope, and goes in-depth on it’s features! Sportsman Gun Centre were good enough to send me a Steyr Mannlicher CLII SX in

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Steyr Männlicher Classic Review

My introduction to Mannlicher rifles set the standard for how I would judge all rifles from that moment on. The Mannlicher Schönauer was a legendary piece of engineering with a magnificent history and hunting pedigree. This rifle, in the hands of ‘Karamojo’ Bell, reputedly accounted for 1,011 elephants during the era of the great ivory trade.

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The lamping season begins

With new kit to test and a new problem fox on his hands, Mike Powell heads out for his first nocturnal outing of the new season as the nights draw in

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Modern classic

Steyr Mannlicher is often a name associated with legendary rifles of old – but the newer Steyrs shouldn’t be overlooked, as Byron Pace finds out

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Quality will out

Mike Powell receives a Steyr Half Stock Mountain Classic to test – and has a hard time giving it back

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