From tahr to terror…

It started out as a chamois and tahr hunt but turned into a matter of life and death. Daryl Crimp relates Rob and Ben Dines’s battle with the elements on New Zealand’s west coast. The Hughes 500 flared, pivoted on

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Time travelling tahr

Most tahr hunters head to New Zealand, where the species was introduced in 1904. Instead, Jens Kjaer Knudsen travels to where the species has always resided: the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. Thomas Nissen reports…

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New Zealand has just come close to a cataclysmic mass cull of its tahr herd. Byron Pace uncovers how these plans came about and how they were stopped at the last minute

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The tahr before the storm

Hunting with his son, Daryl Crimp faces a race against time to get into an old tahr bull before the unforgiving weather closes in

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The drive to hunt

If you want to see what a country’s like on the surface, go as a tourist. If you want to see what it is really like, go and hunt there.

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How to hunt and survive in the mountains

When hunting in the mountains you are dependent on good physical condition

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