Tikka T3

Tikka T3 Review

Before you say it, I know what you are thinking. This model of Tikka T3 is not really a traditional hunting rifle, what with all its adjustable gizmos, heavy barrel and bright laminated stock, but the Tikka Sporter concept has been around for many years. In Scandinavia, they are used for a range of shooting disciplines such as target, biathlon and hunting.

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Roe Doe Stalking: Underrated Sport

Byron Pace says that while roe doe stalking might not offer the trophies of its summer counterpart, it’s still a worthwhile enterprise with its own rewards

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Tikka T3 Review

Although it is not one of the most expensive rifles out there, the phrase that probably sums it up is, in fact: ‘More than fit for purpose’.

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Vulpine bid

Back in last year’s post-harvest season, Mark Nicholson takes Save the Rhino auction winner Howard Stott out on a foxing foray that ends up going well beyond all expectations.

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Get in gear

Having learned from bitter experience, Andy Malcolm discusses his stalking treasures and bids the last goodbye to all those supposed ‘good buys’

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