Deer Hunting: Unexpected Results w/ Chris Dalton

When it comes to deer hunting, June is often a quieter month on the roe front for us; in fact it’s quieter in general. Credit: James Warwick / Getty Images This isn’t because we have less deer hunting enquiries but

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Why not try BASC’s Quarantine Cookbook

Self-isolating and want to rustle up something tasty? Then BASC might just have the perfect thing for you! Their “Quarantine Cookbook” provides a selection of easy to make recipes from BASC’s Taste of Game. Some of these recipes include: Pheasant pasties,

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Don’t be tempted if offered illegal venison, warns Scottish Venison Association

Following a reported increase in ‘doorstep sales’ and giving away of venison, the Scottish Venison Association has issued a statement on how to deal with this situation. Even if you mean well, don’t give away venison without the proper consents! In the

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Fallow under the falcon

On a meat hunt in his native New Zealand, Daryl Crimp is reminded that there are hunters far more formidable than the human in this part of the world Ostensibly it was a meat hunt. A quick sortie to get

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International velvet

Examining the NZ stag velvet industry, Byron Pace says we should think more carefully about the origins of animal products and whether they are held to the same welfare standards

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Scottish venison safety campaign

The Scottish Venison Partnership has linked up with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) to launch a new campaign to remind stalkers to take the greatest care and attention when putting venison into the food chain.

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Venison for the masses: newly-funded supply chain in East of England

The Forestry Commission has established The Wild Venison Project to tackle growing deer population; harvests provide economic boost and tasty alternative.

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