Start of the foxes’ mating season w/ Mike Powell

Pest controllers like Mike Powell are preparing for a hectic few months as the start of the foxes’ season comes into view. As I write this I find my thoughts already turning towards the time of year when the foxes’

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The heat of the night

Credit: Richard Spiller / EyeEm / Getty Images In between foxing outings, Robert Bucknell remarks on how to get the most out of thermal imaging and how this technology has opened up a whole new world. Once again there’s little

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The long and short of it

Known more for his exceptionally long-range shots, Mark Ripley is tasked with a short-range encounter, controlling foxes in a pea-souper on a poultry farm

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Shoot before shovel

Contemplating thermal imaging and the upcoming battle against this year’s cubs, Mike Powell recounts an experience when thermal imaging proved to be an invaluable ally

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