The Shooting Show – night-time fox control with Stuart Wilson

Stuart Wilson’s been called into action to put a stop to vulpine raids on the partridge poults – there have been some pretty catastrophic losses so far. But catching up with culprit proves difficult – Charlie is nowhere to be

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The Shooting Show – foxing with the Pulsar Thermion scope

Get ready for another action packed episode of The Shooting Show! Link to the NEC petition: Mark Ripley is a man on a mission. He’s out in search of vulpine predators that have been raiding gardens in his area.

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The night shift

Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images With lamb attacks increasing, Mark Ripley and two fellow shooters plan to hit the foxes hard over one long night… As was usual for the springtime, my shooting mate Gary and I were busy on

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Urban foxing?

Foxing in the countryside is one thing. But foxing on the boundaries of your land, or near a nosy or fox-hugging neighbour, is quite another. Robert Bucknell shows you how to make it work in close quarters

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Magnificent seven

Mark Ripley takes a charity auction winner for a foxing outing and the pair get more success than they could have imagined

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