SPONSORED: Ariat Catalyst 10” Defiant GTX

It’s been pretty rainy so far this summer, so you can keep your feet both warm and dry this season with the ultimate hunting boot from Ariat. Now available in ladies’ sizes UK 4 and up. One of the catalysts

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The Shooting Show – blustery bunnies with the Ruger Precision .22

Stuart’s out testing his new Ruger Precision .22 rimfire, first on the range then on an evening’s excursion after rabbits. But the weather’s not playing ball: high winds curtail the range test, then conditions worsen as rain sets in for

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Many Moors suspend shooting

The grouse season may have begun but relatively few moors are ringing with the sound of guns. BASC has reported that large numbers of moors have opted not to shoot, or to delay the start of the season

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Beat the Beast from the East: Cold weather tips and kit

Darryl Pace recounts a tale of injury and gun safety before tackling essential cold-weather gear

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SPONSORED: Keep warm with the ShooterKing Venatu jacket

ShooterKing has recently launched its 2018 collection, which includes a wide variety of new outdoor apparel, including the Venatu Jacket

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Dusk till Dawn

Owing to the wet weather one August, the harvest had been delayed. This had put my fox control operations seriously behind. I control foxes over a mixture of arable, pasture and woodland. Around 80 per cent is arable, and any cubs that get away from the earth are tricky to mop up until the harvest is completed.

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Winter Weather Warning

I live in a part of the country where snow is a rare occurrence. When it does arrive, it causes total chaos as no one is prepared for it.

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Be Prepared

When foxing, especially in bad weather with the associated deadly ground conditions, it is extremely important to ensure you are properly kitted up. I recall visiting a local farm notorious for its wet ground, so much so that it could almost be a marsh. I’d visited a few times before and had glimpses of fox, but hadn’t had the chance of a sure shot.

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The rain buck

Some roe do not live up to our common conception of them, as David Barrington Barnes found one wet evening during the buck season I think it’s fair to say that the consensus of opinion among expert roe stalkers is that

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A year in foxing

When and where should you be to shoot foxes? Mike Powell goes through 12 months in the life of Vulpes vulpes, their habits and preferred locations

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