Introduce a friend to BASC and win prizes

When a BASC member refers a friend to the organisation, both of them will be entered into Member Get A Member draw to win exclusive prizes.

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What’s the best calibre for hunting?

There is a dizzying array of calibres available for the hunter to choose from – Will O’Meara helps cut through the confusion and make the right choice

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.243 Win

At the top end of the .243 Win capabilities, it is a little underpowered, and placement has to be good.

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Excessive charge?

Byron Pace returns to powder charge development in reloading, looking at the optimal charge weight method Before going on to look at an alternative to the ladder test, I think it a worthwhile digression to look at head spacing. This

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Champagne and gunpowder

Speaking to Sporting Rifle contributor David Barrington Barnes, Miles Kaye explains his enthusiasm for rifles and ammo

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Geco .243 Win

Byron Pace is pleasantly surprised with what he finds from an ammo make known as a value-for-money brand

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