Stalking getaway with Paul Childerley

Getting a break from the constant demands of being a gamekeeper, Paul Childerley heads out for an evening of much-needed R&R: rifle and roebucks. I set off on a sunny afternoon in May to try my luck on a roebuck and

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First steps in the field

As the opening of the roebuck season draws close, David Barrington Barnes recalls his first ever stalks after the UK’s most beloved deer species. If ever I had any doubts about becoming a deer stalker, these were dispelled by my

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Spotlight on mouflon

Sharp of eye and fleet of foot with a highly sensitised sense of smell, the wild mouflon ram is a worthy animal to pursue.

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A Cunning Plot

Deer manager John Johnson proposes that we follow the lead of the USA and manage woodland in a way that improves deer, habitat and crop quality

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Wise words

John Johnson looks back to a fulfilled prophecy and says deer managers and enthusiasts alike should plan now to avoid future problems In a recent tidy-up of a cupboard I came across an article written in the autumn of 1990

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Black grouse bouncing back

Woodland Trust Scotland claims that numbers of rare black grouse are rising in restored woodland areas.

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Mass deer cull ‘necessary’

Around 50% of Britain’s deer population needs to be culled each year to ‘protect the countryside’, according to a study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

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Research highlights importance of deer management

A study presented to the British Ecological Society has recognised the need for effective deer management systems in woodland.

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