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In Norma’s Strike series, there is something for everyone, and now we’re looking at the Ecostrike.

Ecostrike offers the latest in non-lead technology, with great weight retention and deadly accuracy.

A light bullet surpassing a heavy one? Ecostrike™ makes the impossible possible. To make the bullet lighter and prevent it from fragmenting, the lead has been replaced by copper and nickel.

With Ecostrike™ we meet a new hunting era, where the sense of being one with nature has reached a higher level. The bullet and its characteristics, takes into account of the rifle, the game, the environment and the meat.

Ecostrike™’s ambition is to always give a positive impact, and to make it a rewarding hunting experience. Ecostrike offers the latest in non-lead technology. It gets great weight retention and is deadly accurate. This monolithic bullet is tough and penetrates well.

Norma Ecostrike is available in the following configurations:

  • 300 Win. Mag. 150gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 300 WSM 150gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 30-06 Spring. 150gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 308 Win. 150gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 7mm Rem. Mag. 140gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 7×64 140gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 7x65R 140gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 8×57 JRS 160gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 8×57 JS 160gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 9.3×62 230gr ECOSTRIKE
  • 9.3x74R 230gr ECOSTRIKE
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