Shooting is good for your health

BASC has extended an argument used by Natural England in order to highlight the potential health benefits of country sport


Fight poaching with a smartphone

Modern technology is helping to fight poaching – and you can be part of the solution


Turn your scope into a thermal imager

The thermal imaging revolution marches ever onwards with the introduction of a TI scope add-on


02 Gun in stubble02

Browning X-Bolt Review

One of the most successful rifles I have owned was a Browning A-Bolt. It was reliable and superbly accurate, especially when shooting lighter ammunition. My local gamekeeper still uses it. I was hoping the newer Browning model, the X-Bolt, would be able to rekindle fond memories.


Weatherby Vanguard Review

Weatherby as a company is best known for producing some of the most powerful hunting cartridges in the world, chambered, of course, in its famous Weatherby Mk V rifles.


Lynx 94 Review

The Lynx is manufactured by Pirkan ASE, based in Finland. Specialising in handcrafted rifles, the company works with the Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Centre to test weapons and projectiles. Pirkan ASE is renowned for developing high-quality sporting and competition rifles since 1979


Observation and Intel

A few years ago, in my part of East Yorkshire, foxes started to pair early, from mid-October through to mid-January. On one occasion the following spring, I was out on a foxing foray covering a small farm pheasant shoot, and successfully shot three small foxes out of a narrow belt of trees.

Operation Roe Doe

Pete Carr takes radical action to achieve his cull in the Angus Glens and explains which deer dogs are best for this type of work

7x64 and a 30 0601

7×64 Brenneke

With the ballistic benefits of the 7mm bullet, and case capacity allowing almost identical stats to the .280 Rem, the 7×64 is a convenient stopgap between calibres based on the .308 Win and the heavier recoiling magnums.

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