The November issue of Sporting Rifle is out now!

The ever-changing seasons always bring something new for the rifleman – and November brings one of the biggest changes of all. Roebucks are no longer in season and roe does have come in – while fallow, sika, red, Chinese water deer and muntjac are all in season in England and Wales too.

New venison standards

The Scottish Venison Partnership (SVP) has joined with Scottish National Heritage (SNH) and Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) to launch a new campaign encouraging ‘best practice’ when bringing deer to the table. The campaign aims to enforce that stalkers and

Tokyo 2020 build-up begins

With the first quota places being handed out at the ISSF World Championships, and British Shooting publicising its selection policy for the Games, the countdown period to the Tokyo Olympics has truly begun.


Merkel Helix Speedster review

The Merkel Helix Speedster appears to be an innovative solution to the problem of a thumbhole-stocked straight-pull rifle, but does the reality match up? Stuart Wilson finds out

CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole .22LR review

Mike Powell tests something a little different: a CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole .22LR with a striking yellow stock. But will the unusual looks grow on him?

Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter review

Stuart Wilson has bagged a Haenel Jaeger 10 Varmint Sporter .308 Win on long-term test, which means plenty of opportunity to take it out after roe deer…


Opening shots

How do you get into rifle shooting? The British Association for Shooting and Conservation bring us the guide to all the steps you need to take

Fox flood

Mark Ripley is faced with a surprisingly large number of foxes on his patch. But no matter how many he brings to book, there’s always one that gets away

Ask the experts: What is the right bullet for my rifle?

How do I select the right weight of bullet for my rifle?

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