Shooting is good for your health

BASC has extended an argument used by Natural England in order to highlight the potential health benefits of country sport


Fight poaching with a smartphone

Modern technology is helping to fight poaching – and you can be part of the solution


Turn your scope into a thermal imager

The thermal imaging revolution marches ever onwards with the introduction of a TI scope add-on



Marlin X7 Review

Marlin is probably best known for its underlever actions and rimfires in the USA, rather than for hunting rifles. I have been told they are good value for money, and more importantly, that their accuracy is ‘just darn good’! With an RRP of £715, the X7 is an entry-level model, maybe for the first-time buyer of a centrefire – but does it punch above its weight?


Merkel RX Helix Review

The RX Helix manifesto states: “Hunting has moved on in the 21st century. It has become faster, more versatile and more exciting. This demands better gun ergonomics: ideal combination of responsiveness, speed and accuracy.”


Kimber Montana Review

Whereas a year or two back, the name Kimber would have drawn blank expressions from most hunters, the brand’s reputation has grown in the UK and it is now a top contender.


Cull Planning

Respected stalker Mark Brackstone shares his methods of cull evaluation and his unique system of data recording when managing the roe in his area of Wiltshire

Sunset Stake-Out

Gary Green shoots a lot of foxes, but there was one that had eluded him for more than 12 months.

The Thermal Revolution

Thermal imaging provides foxers with a whole new set of opportunities – but there are new risks too, warns foxing legend Robert Bucknell, as he recounts his experiences and shares his knowledge of Night Vision

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