Shooting is good for your health

BASC has extended an argument used by Natural England in order to highlight the potential health benefits of country sport


Fight poaching with a smartphone

Modern technology is helping to fight poaching – and you can be part of the solution


Turn your scope into a thermal imager

The thermal imaging revolution marches ever onwards with the introduction of a TI scope add-on


Blaser R8 Review

At my local stalking patch in East Yorkshire, a colleague often calls for my assistance when his time is limited and fraying activity by roebucks is giving the farmer some serious cause for concern. During the last season, three of us had hit the roe population hard on this particular farm due to significant damage to restocked hardwoods and commercial willow.


Tikka T3 Review

Before you say it, I know what you are thinking. This model of Tikka T3 is not really a traditional hunting rifle, what with all its adjustable gizmos, heavy barrel and bright laminated stock, but the Tikka Sporter concept has been around for many years. In Scandinavia, they are used for a range of shooting disciplines such as target, biathlon and hunting.

02 Gun in stubble02

Browning X-Bolt Review

One of the most successful rifles I have owned was a Browning A-Bolt. It was reliable and superbly accurate, especially when shooting lighter ammunition. My local gamekeeper still uses it. I was hoping the newer Browning model, the X-Bolt, would be able to rekindle fond memories.


Reaching New Heights

When foxing season arrives, it brings with it the realisation that I’ll be walking the beat again. I remember an occasion when my five colleagues and I met up early and set off without delay, knowing we had a tiring and full day in front of us.

Think before you squint

A question often asked is: ‘Which scope is best?’ The general answer given is: ‘Spend as much as you can afford.’ A good quality scope can cost more than the rifle itself depending on make and model. But when choosing a scope, take into consideration what you intend to use the scope for.

00 LEAD_91

High-five for Polish roebucks

Thomas Lindy Nissen accompanies Danish hunters Claus Christiansen and Rene Knutzen on a trip to Poland after roebucks, with a new accessory for the Quadpod shooting sticks on test too The four days’ trip to Poland includes six outings, and

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