Sporting Rifle’s 150th issue is on sale now!

Sporting Rifle’s landmark 150th edition is now available in good newsagents as well as being mailed to subscribers.

Merkel’s mighty in the Midlands

Merkel has opened a new showroom of sporting rifles and shotguns at W Horton & Sons on Loveday Street in Birmingham’s historical Gun Quarter.

2024 Olympic shooting confirmed

At the 131st IOC session in Lima, the committee made its final decision on what sports will be represented in 2014 at the Paris Olympics


Kite KSP HD2 1-6×24 Riflescope Review

Chris Parkin gets his hands on the Kite KSP HD2 1-6×24 riflescope to see what he makes of this relative newcomer to the shooting market

Savage MkII BTVS .22LR Review

The Savage Mk II BTVS test model made an immediate impression when it arrived – in .22LR, a pleasing stainless barrel and action fitted into a nicely finished brown laminate thumbhole stock.

Hornady ELD-X bullet Review

Hornady has revamped its range of varminting loads


Spotlight on mouflon

Sharp of eye and fleet of foot with a highly sensitised sense of smell, the wild mouflon ram is a worthy animal to pursue.

Winter work – the doe cull

The season for roe and fallow does is shorter than that for the bucks and is necessarily further shortened through days lost to bad weather and the pressures of game shooting.

Improve your shooting technique

Technique is the foundation on which proficiency with the rifle is built, practice is the wall that sits on that foundation, and equipment is the cap of the pyramid.

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