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Video of the week: The monster buck

Itching to get out at the bucks? Let us fuel your anticipation with this roebuck highlight from two years ago…

WATCH: The hottest new shooting products from IWA

Gear we saw at the IWA trade show in Nuremberg


Geco Gold 8×42 binoculars review

Chris Parkin tests a pair of binoculars from a brand better known for its ammo than its optics, but is pleasantly impressed with the quality of the Geco Gold

Five sub-£500 pairs of binos

In need of new glass ahead of the buck season? Check out these binos with big performance and a low price tag

Far out

Accuracy International’s AT308 is built for long-range shooting – but just how long can you go? Stuart Wilson puts some rounds on paper to find out


Stalking with the Curse

Chris Dalton takes a Spanish stalker out after a roe buck, with one unusual problem – he has never managed to take one while accompanied by his girlfriend. Can they break the curse?

The Alder Buck

Editor in Chief Pete Carr is bested time and time again by a wary old buck, and a valuable lesson was learned before finally grassing the elusive beast

Take Five

Can’t wait for 1 April? There’s plenty to do even before the season starts. Dominic Griffith advises there are five tasks responsible deer managers should be getting on with now

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