Shooting is good for your health

BASC has extended an argument used by Natural England in order to highlight the potential health benefits of country sport


Fight poaching with a smartphone

Modern technology is helping to fight poaching – and you can be part of the solution


Turn your scope into a thermal imager

The thermal imaging revolution marches ever onwards with the introduction of a TI scope add-on


Pic01_Byron with rifle01

Nosler Model 48 Review

I first came across Nosler rifles by mistake. Browsing through a gun trading website for a new rifle, my search for a 7-08 Rem gave up half a dozen results. Of these only two tickled my fancy, and a Nosler Custom 48 was one of them.


Marlin X7 Review

Marlin is probably best known for its underlever actions and rimfires in the USA, rather than for hunting rifles. I have been told they are good value for money, and more importantly, that their accuracy is ‘just darn good’! With an RRP of £715, the X7 is an entry-level model, maybe for the first-time buyer of a centrefire – but does it punch above its weight?


Merkel RX Helix Review

The RX Helix manifesto states: “Hunting has moved on in the 21st century. It has become faster, more versatile and more exciting. This demands better gun ergonomics: ideal combination of responsiveness, speed and accuracy.”


Dog Eat Dog

Gary Green’s reputation as ‘the fox man’ goes before him, so he often gets calls from farmers and smallholders about a troublesome fox. The latest request, however, took him by surprise. It came through his contacts at the turkey farm, but this time it wasn’t about protecting poultry. This was a boarding kennels – and the marauding Charlie had killed two Chihuahuas.


Forged on the hill: Chris Dalton goes roebuck stalking with a traditional breed of hunter

One of the great bonuses of working as a stalking guide is some of the folk you get to meet; they come from all sorts of backgrounds, have some fascinating stories to tell, and a few prove to be real

Left to right: 95gr SST, 75gr SST from Hornady, and 69gr Berger Varmint. These two designs vary considerably but the end result is similar

Bullets and their ballistics

Byron Pace takes a close look at bullet weight, sectional density, construction, velocity and how those features impact ballistic performance To finish where we left off last time, we need to do a case study of sectional density to reinforce

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