The Shooting Show – The Mouse Hind ft. Chris Dalton

This week we’re back on the hill stalking hinds mid-season. Work is just starting on a new forest creation scheme, and I have to pay particular attention to Red Deer coming into this area at night from Higher Hill. I

Kung Pao pheasant recipe

This recipe for Kung Pao pheasant from Wild and Game uses brining and marinating to make your pheasant superbly tender. Kung Pao Pheasant Serves two – three Ingredients 4 pheasant breast filletsFor brining the pheasant (optional but highly recommended)3 rounded

The Shooting Show – Festive Foxing ft. Mark Ripley

In this week’s episode, Mark is out after foxes at a local zoo to protect some exotic animals as well as thinning out some foxes on a nearby farm. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a 10% discount on all Field


Tikka T1X rifle review

Stuart Wilson gets to grips with the Tikka T1X and discovers rimfire excellence concealed in a centrefire disguise Rimfires, particularly the .22LR variety are probably my most-used and most-loved guns. A mooch around your ground with a decent .22LR slung

Element Optics Nexus review

Mark Ripley is in for a shock when he tests out the new kid on the block, the Element Optics Nexus, against his tried and trusted Nightforce scope I’ve always been a die-hard Nightforce fan, and they are indeed high-quality

Zeiss’s DTI review with Chris Parkin

Chris Parkin gives his verdict on Zeiss’ first foray into thermal imaging, with the new DTI. It was only a matter of time before some of the big European names began to seriously flirt with night vision and thermal imaging, and


Red hind stalking w/ Chris Dalton

Unfortunate circumstances means there has to be a quick change of plan for Chris Dalton as he stalks red hinds at Kinnaird You can plan all you like… It’s funny how the best laid plans in stalking often don’t materialise

Why We Shoot: Robert Bucknell

In the latest of our Why We Shoot series, our experienced foxer shares his background and passion for the sport  I grew up on a farm and shooting wasn’t really an issue – you shot because that’s what you did.

Having a positive environmental impact

Shooters pride themselves as being custodians of the environment, and that means a lot more than just shooting the right animals, says Peter Carr Giving some thought to where you take the 4×4 is just one way you can reduce

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