ATN release the Mars 4 with 640×48 sensor

ATN, distributed by Highland Outdoors, have released the all-new Mars 4 rifle scope. The new ATN Mars 4 HD 640×480 rifle scope has a 640×480 sensor, is available in different magnifications, has various reticles in multiple colours, captures your experiences

A closer look at GBSA winner Swazi’s new Checkmate anorak

The men’s forest green Checkmate Great British Shooting Awards winner and New Zealand based cult clothing brand Swazi unveils its newest addition to their hardwearing outdoor apparel line-up with the Checkmate anorak. The standout garment is made using the most

Round-up of rounds (part 1)

From .22 to big bores and everything in between, here’s all the ammo you need to load up your latest new rifle acquisition with, and here is part 1 of 2! Eley Subsonic The hunting round from British .22 ammo


Stuart Wilson’s Lithgow combo

You can cover a good area, comfortably taking targets out to 150 yards and more Stuart Wilson sets up in his pick-up for a proper field test of the Lithgow Arms LA101 .17 HMR Synthetic Stainless, decked out with Nikko

Mike Powell reviews the Pulsar Accolade

Mike Powell turns his eye – well, both eyes – to the Pulsar Accolade thermal binocular and its eye strain-reducing capabilities. Fox numbers in my area seem to have been high. There are various reasons for that, one of which

A lifetime of rifles

From humble beginnings with a BSA to today’s exploits with Sauer, Howa, Anschütz and CZ, Mike Powell discusses the rifles that have been important to his shooting life I really can’t explain why I have always been heavily involved with


Stuart Wilson’s rabbit raid

Credit: James Gledhill / Getty Images Stuart Wilson recruits two shooting buddies while on a .22 rabbit control mission, and is even kind enough to hand one of them the rifle. Don’t forget to check out the equipment used at

Ask the experts

Our team of experts solves five more of your burning questions, from calibres to cleaning. Got a question?Contact: or post your question to: Sporting Rifle, Future Publishing Ltd, Units 1-3, Sugarbrook Court, Aston Road, Bromsgrove B60 3EX. Foxing Q:

David Barrington Barnes on the Macnab

Credit: ellenamani / iStock / Getty Images With the red stag season beginning in Scotland, David Barrington Barnes remarks that it’s not all about the glorious Macnab – there are more accessible options that are just as enjoyable Most Sporting

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