Eley Hawk launch Alpha Elite practical shotgun cartridges

Eley Hawk has launched its latest innovative cartridge line, this time for practical shooting discipline, the Alpha Elite. A brand new birdshot cartridge for the practical shooting discipline, Eley Hawk say this has been “crafted to ensure the best results for

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Frisky foxes

Fox mating season is upon us, and seasoned foxer Mike Powell shows you how to make the most of it Credit: mlorenzphotography / Getty Images With one or two exceptions, most forms of live quarry shooting involve seasons. Some of


Love at first Sightline!

The next generation of affordable NV is here: it’s the Yukon Sightline and Chris Parkin finds himself truly enamoured The Yukon Photon has been a superb first step into the night vision world for more than five years, and as

Savage speed-test

Mike Powell tests a Savage semi-auto the best way he knows how: By expending large amounts of .22LR ammo The bolt in the closed position. Note the Accutrigger and Picatinny rail Semi-automatic .22LR rifles have always had a big following;

The calibre hunter

Byron Pace assesses the performance of a lesser-known alternative to the .375 H&H For the last few months I have been in Africa, spending much of that time walking with some of the biggest and most dangerous animals on the


Before it’s too late…

Hunting contributes millions to local communities around the world, but in parts of Greenland, this doesn’t seem to be fully understood – neither by authorities nor by commercial meat hunters. Thomas Nissen investigates… It could easily have been colder, but

Frosty foray

Holed up in a cottage at Kinnaird estate for the week, Chris Dalton takes a family member out for a red hind on frigid ground. Credit: vetas / Getty Images Across the months of December and January, I try to

Stalking debutant

Paul Childerley meets Imogen – who has never stalked before and doesn’t even eat meat – and gives her a sporting introduction on his favoured species, the Chinese water deer I’ve always been one for promoting and bringing in new

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