SPONSORED: West of England Game Fair

The West of England Game Fair is an important countryside event celebrating 25 years of entertaining and creating a platform for countryside traditions and issues to be promoted and supported. The event hosts a wide variety of field sports activities:

SPONSORED: The new Z8i 3.5-28×50 P from Swarovski Optik

For more information, just click here. Responsible hunting over long distances demands an experienced shot. Local knowledge, correct estimations of external influences, personal experience, and the right equipment are key factors that can have a decisive influence on shot accuracy.

Hot news from the Great British Shooting Awards

Browning, Eley Hawk and Gamebore are among the winners as the Great British Shooting Awards 2020 results are revealed. Shooting Show Awards 2020 The Great British Shooting Awards crowned their second set of winners on 15 February, with BASC’s Duncan


A glimpse of history

Ray Garner looks to the past – and looks through a Schmidt & Bender 425 Leichtmetall M riflescope. Marketing folk tell us that in order to sell something, you must first of all give it a name. And Leichtmetall M

Gun review: Tactical triumph

Chris Parkin finds himself warming to American scopes as he reviews the Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II in 3.5-21×50. This is my third encounter with Bushnell’s Elite Tactical range, and I was pleased to report this latest unit has exceeded

Love at first Sightline!

The next generation of affordable NV is here: it’s the Yukon Sightline and Chris Parkin finds himself truly enamoured The Yukon Photon has been a superb first step into the night vision world for more than five years, and as


New arrival

Mark Ripley takes delivery of a new foxing rifle and, after the customary range work, wastes no time in getting it blooded in the field. If there’s one thing that’s always exciting other than gaining new shooting ground it’s gaining

The interview: John Allison of the British Shooting

Ollie Harvey of Gun Trade News meets John Allison as he lays the foundations for future success with the British Shooting Show. For all the information you need on the British Shooting Show, including how to get tickets, just visit:

First steps into foxing

Robert Bucknell relates his early days in the foxing world – and gives some invaluable advice on how you can get into the sport today I am extremely lucky in that, being brought up on a farm, the countryside was

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