Countryside Alliance secures Underkeeper Apprenticeship

The Countryside Alliance has unveiled details of a new Government approved ‘Underkeeper Apprenticeship’ that it has developed with input from 20 lowland and upland shoots in a major step forward for the shooting community. The apprenticeship has been published by

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Hunting abroad is no longer for the privileged few! Most hunters think that to hunt abroad will cost them the Earth, but this does not have to be the case, talk to the friendly team at Real World Hunting Trips,

The Shooting Show – Night Fox hunting with Mark Ripley AKA 260Rips

This week Mark Ripley AKA 260 Rips is out controlling foxes at night using the new Pulsar Digex rifle scope. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a 10% discount on all Field Sports magazine subscriptions. All you need to do is


.204 Ruger calibre for foxing with Mike Powell

Mike Powell explores the history of the .204 Ruger calibre and tests it as a foxing round with his trusty custom rifle. The H-S Precision actioned .204 Ruger from Mike Norris has proved its worth Over the many years I’ve

The Pard NV007 review with Mark Ripley

Mark Ripley tests the living daylights out of the NV007 from Pard The Pard NV007 It’s very much the case with most things in life that you get what you pay for. However every now and again you get what

Model 16 AccuStalker review with Mike Powell

Mike Powell gives his verdict on another Savage Arms speciality – this time, the Model 16 AccuStalker. The American firm of Savage Rifles really needs no introduction as the name has been synonymous with well-built, accurate and reliable rifles for


Will O’Meara’s rifle training progress

Will O’Meara continues to lock down on his training, and is looking at ways to maximise his progress. Rifle training tips from Will O’Meara Last month, we covered some of the fine-tuning and set-up aspects of training. This month, we

Behind the scenes at optics brand Leupold

Leupold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hunting optics, now aiming to gain market share in the European market – Thomas Nissen visited the factory in Oregon, USA. The optical manufacturer Leupold Optics – or Leupold + Stevens

Red stag stalking with Chris Dalton

In Ayrshire, Chris Dalton takes an apprentice on the trail of elusive red stags. Credit: Catherine Clark/ / Getty Images Of all the stalking I do these days by far the most enjoyable is when I am working with newcomers

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