All-weather apparel

Wherever in the world you’ll be hunting, get protected with this selection of hunting clothing that’s suitable in all seasons Palearctic 365 jacket As the name suggests, this hunting jacket is designed for use all year round, whether you’ll be

SPONSORED: Norma Tipstrike – not just for large game!

Did you know that the new Norma Tipstrike also comes in calibres perfect for foxing? Tipstrike is developed for stopping power, combined with a penetration deep enough to reach the vital organs of the game. The polymer tip assures the

SPONSORED: Cheapest NV deal ever? Yukon Photon on sale for £450

Scott Country International have launched an amazing, can’t-be-missed offer on the super-popular Yukon Photon RT 6x50S digital day/night vision riflescope. With an RRP of £639.95, the Photon RT 6×50 is currently available with UK next day delivery at the superb


Chris Parkin reviews Blaser optics

Blaser isn’t just a rifle or shotgun brand – it’s a big name in the optics world, too, and Chris Parkin has one of their flagship offerings on test Blaser, as a brand, have a very loyal following, and when

Is this the perfect rifle rest system?

Have Wicked Lights engineered the perfect rifle rest system? Mike Powell reckons they might have done just that as he tests the Rekon sticks on a foxing mission. Rifle rest of one sort or another is an essential item, even

Mike Powell gets his hands on a new .17 HMR

Mike Powell gets to grips with the newest and quite possibly the best .17 HMR on the block: The CZ 457 Royal It’s now around 16 years that the little .17 HMR has been with us. I remember the furore


Danger buck

Credit: Wouter Marckx / Getty Images At the back end of the rut, Chris Dalton gets an opportune chance to deal with a buck that presents a danger to fruit trees and other bucks alike After the rut, things generally

Are you prepared for late summer?

Credit:Rob Janné / Getty Images Get your equipment ready and sharpen up your fieldcraft, says Mike Powell – things are about to get busy… Late summer is a really busy time for me and my shooting mate, Callum. In the

Calling and culling

Credit: David Babos / 500px / Getty Images The rut can be a time to grass bucks that have eluded you all year, says David Barrington Barnes, but this makes good sense and restraint all the more important. I remember

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