SPONSORED: Fine Shooting Accessories

Fine Shooting Accessories (FSA) was established in 2003 providing the Best quality bespoke sporting accessories to hunting and shooting enthusiasts. FSA has a number of off-the-shelf designs that went through numerous iterations before being released to ensure that their customers


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The Shooting Show – Roe doe cull

Don’t miss the latest episode of the Shooting Show, as director Pete Carr finally has some decent weather to go out on the roe doe cull. There is plenty to go at but with all the crops and cover down,


Howa 1500 – latest rifle reviewed

Stuart Wilson gets to grips with the Howa 1500; especially the top-of-the-range chassis system from Oryx. Our latest review rifle comes from Howa; a model 1500 in calibre 300 AAC BLK (300 Blackout) a new creation which is effectively a

A glimpse of history

Ray Garner looks to the past – and looks through a Schmidt & Bender 425 Leichtmetall M riflescope. Marketing folk tell us that in order to sell something, you must first of all give it a name. And Leichtmetall M

Gun review: Tactical triumph

Chris Parkin finds himself warming to American scopes as he reviews the Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II in 3.5-21×50. This is my third encounter with Bushnell’s Elite Tactical range, and I was pleased to report this latest unit has exceeded


How to build your dream rifle

Will O’Meara shares his thoughts and analysis on an upcoming rifle build, from calibre selection to stock type, bolt and barrel construction and magazine options

CORONAVIRUS: Our tips on what to do during social distancing

At the start of last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out a new strategy for managing the coronavirus outbreak. One of the key factors for this was advising everyone to adhere to social distancing practices – to avoid all

How to complete your late roe doe season cull

The roe doe season finishes at the end of March for rifle hunters and gamekeepers, and the sooner you can get your cull done, the better. Here’s how to do it… Get to know your deer and plan carefully (Credit:

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