Ask the experts: Pushing your scope to its limit

Q Can I use my scope dialled all the way to its maximum adjustment limit without adverse effects?

A Chris says: Though many scopes now have turrets and zero stops that allow fast dialling for range in the field, when zeroing the total adjustment is important and will often be two or three times that allowance. For example, a Zeiss V8 scope might allow 100 clicks or 10mRad (1m at 100 metres) with one turn of the ASV+ turret; when initially zeroing with this outer turret removed, there are 240 clicks (24mRad) available.

If you imagine you are moving a tube within a tube (the erector tube within the body tube), the physical space is actually circular, not square, so remember to not try and dial all the way up or down at the same time as being all the way left or right. Pay attention to the ‘feel’ of adjustment controls and don’t force anything as you are effectively pressing the internals against the outer body tube. If there isn’t enough total adjustment available, you might have to seek out different mounts or a different scope with more adjustment to suit.

Chris Parkin, Target sports journalist and optics reviewer

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