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David Barrington Barnes: Where are you based, Klaus, and what do you do?

Klaus Schindler: I am a German with a master’s degree in forestry. I live in South Africa, where I have been for 30 years. I first worked in the forestry industry and co-ordinated wildlife management. I hunt bushbuck, kudu and impala and also shoot a lot of bushpig.

I am now a fully registered tourist guide and enjoy guiding visitors in the Addo, Kruger and Kgalagadi Reserves and other locations.

DBB: What hunting experience do you have?

KS: I have had my German Jagdschein and SA professional hunter qualification for many years. I have hunted all species in Germany. In South Africa I have hunted a lot for bushbuck and bushpigs, stalking them in the mealie fields and oak wood plantations.

My bushpig hunting takes place at night under the moon and the pigs look like ghosts with their pale backs. I have accounted for as many as three in a night – no lights, just a good German scope and binos.

The animal still outstanding on my wish list is a buffalo, a real old dagga boy.

IMG_0001.jpeg1Where do you hunt now?

As far away from civilisation as possible. Excessive public access is spoiling German stalking in locations such as the Black Forest, but I stalked in Devon and Dorset this year for the first time and was thrilled with it.

Obviously, most of my hunting is done in South Africa because this is where I live.

What’s your rifle set up?

In Germany, I started with a Sauer Drilling that had a .30-06 calibre rifle barrel. It never let me down! I still have a ‘real darling’– a 1919 hammer Ferlach in 9.3x72R.

In South Africa I use a Krieghoff Classic Big Five double barrel also in 9.3x74R and a 6.5x57R for the smaller quarry. I am not a fan of bolt-action rifles!

What other kit do you use?

Very little. I hunt light and use quality German optics such as my 8×56 Zeiss binoculars for low light hunting.

Do you prefer a particular style of stalking?

I am not very keen on high seat stalking. I like to stalk on foot or sit on a stone and be as close to nature as possible. I dislike long shots and try to get as close as I can. My beautiful Dorset buck was grassed at 50 metres after an exciting stalk.

image[2].jpeg1Your most memorable hunting experience?

My first kudu bull. I shot him with a Heym SR 20 in .375 and still have the smell of the bush in my nose from that hunt!

Do you have hunting partners?

Only pleasant hunters who have a true love of flora and fauna. Bad hunters are a pain in the neck in the bush and in camp.

What hunting ambitions do you have left?

Apart from my dagga boy, I want to hunt roe deer in Scotland and elk in Montana!

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