Animal charity patron badgered into resignation

Charlotte Townshend was forced to step down as patron of Dorset Wildlife Trust when the charity faced a tirade of slander on its website and social media sites from people who oppose the badger cull.

Mrs Townshend had been the charity’s patron for more than a decade. The charity released a statement saying: “It is a great shame that some of those who claim to be campaigning for wildlife actually focus on such negative activity rather than engaging in the sort of positive conservation work which Mrs Townshend has carried out over decades.” Charlotte added that it was a “great shame” she had been made to stand down on political grounds.

Mrs Townshend and the Dorset Wildlife Trust were targeted by Stop The Cull in spite of Dorset being only a back up location for the planned badger culls. The primary sites are in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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