‘Big cat’ caught on camera

A teaching assistant has captured video footage of what could be a big cat in Gloucestershire, not far from where two mutilated deer carcases were found, as Sporting Rifle reported last month.

Though the wounds on the carcases were consistent with a big cat attack, DNA evidence appeared to give no indication of a big cat presence.

However, the video – which a number of national newspapers, including the Sun, gave coverage to – appears to show a six-foot-long cat crossing a field.

Teaching assistant Coryn Memory said she saw the cat as many as five times before managing to film it.

Though the evidence appears to be mounting in favour of big cats in the UK, conclusive proof has yet to emerge.

In 2010, Sporting Rifle offered £1,000 to the first person to legally and professionally shoot a big cat in the UK and provide us with photographic evidence – but no one came forward to claim the prize.

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One comment on “‘Big cat’ caught on camera
  1. I am sure that the sightings are true as i have seen the carcase of a big cat kill on the Long Mynd in Shrposhire. I was brought up in Kenya and have seen many big cat kills so i can say with confidence that they are about and we should leave them alone and just try to capture them on film and nothing else. BR

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