Call for Firearms Act repeal


Firearms UK has called for support in its campaign to have .22 calibre pistols made legal once again. The organisation, created to defend firearms ownership and shooting sports, is pushing forwards with its Unity campaign to repeal the Firearms Amendment No.2 Act of 1997.

The No. 1 act was introduced following the Dunblane incident, prohibiting all ownership of pistols in excess of .22 calibre. In December 1997 the No.2 act extended this ban to small-calibre pistols, effectively abolishing pistol shooting sports and forcing British Olympic teams out of the country.

Since early 2014, Firearms UK has been collecting signatures for a petition to repeal the acts that prohibit small-calibre pistols, which has gained over 21,000 signatures in a year. The organisation is now redoubling efforts, seeing the new government’s support of shooting sports as an opportunity for change.

The organisation has also called for support from the general public and shooting community, asking for them to write to their MPs regarding the repeal. Firearms UK has provided extensive information about how to do so on its website,

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2 comments on “Call for Firearms Act repeal
  1. john venters says:

    to allow pistol shooting back in the uk would bring a new breed of responsible young sportmen and women whilst giving motive for youth to keep clean. young people these days get into trouble because they have nothing threy truly value to loose.

  2. Rupert Campbell-Black says:

    Please sign the official parliamentary petition for this:

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