Eley Hawk launch Alpha Elite practical shotgun cartridges

Eley Hawk has launched its latest innovative cartridge line, this time for practical shooting discipline, the Alpha Elite.

A brand new birdshot cartridge for the practical shooting discipline, Eley Hawk say this has been “crafted to ensure the best results for such a fast-paced sport.”

The product was launched at the new Target Shooting show at Stoneleigh Exhibition Centre on the 16th and 17th November 2019 the reception at the show was extremely positive.

Eley Hawk sponsored shooters Jon, James and Faye Williamson, who were on the stand at the Target Shooting Show during the product’s launch, commented that “testing these cartridges, we really noticed an improvement over the Eley Hawk Olympic blues, with more pellets in the centre of the pattern which will translate to better target plate knockdown and few penalty targets, because we need that tight pattern when we are competing at the highest levels.”

Find out what they and Marketing Manager David Thompson had to say about the product in this week’s Wednesday Night News…

Cansh Pope, Eley Hawk’s other sponsored shooter, was also keen to run the loads in his mag fed shotgun. He said: “I am really encouraged that a major manufacturer is getting involved with our discipline. It is little wonder with the growth in the number of people participating and the fast-paced aspect of the sport is drawing ever more devotees to it.”

Speaking about the load, Eley Hawk’s Marketing Manager David Thompson said, “We have spent several months working on this product to reach the exacting standards of the highest parts of the sport.

“Clearly the requirements are very different and getting the pattern tight enough with a fibre wad which is stipulated by most grounds has been the main challenge we have overcome.

“It’s important that even through a half choke the pattern is tight for close up targets and reduces the “no shoots” and we are very pleased with the load and its performance especially with its patterning and low recoil and loading capabilities.”

The product will be available to buy in January 2020.

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