General Licence under scrutiny

Shooting organisations are calling for all shooters to pull together to protect the General Licence in England.

Natural England has launched a wide-ranging consultation on possible alterations to the General Licence. It could result in changes to the species list and terms and conditions.

Quickly, the consultation caused alarm over what has become known as the “shoo before you shoot” condition – requiring pest controllers to have tried scaring and proofing before resorting to shooting.

BASC has called some of the suggestions “impractical” and says they could make crop protection more difficult. The organisation said it would make a full and robust response to the consultation, and called on its members to do the same.

Natural England has denied it is trying to tighten the requirements to shoot birds under the General Licence, instead saying it merely wants them clarified.

Visit to read and respond to the consultation for yourself. It closes
on 19 May.

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One comment on “General Licence under scrutiny
  1. Paul Smith says:

    It would be a great deal for the shooters and shooting organisations to join together and fight the general licence that natural England want, for years this government and previous governments have wants the only people in this country to have guns is the police and military.

    The shooters and organisations will never agree and work together over to he years there has been so much going on in shooting and they never work along side each other. I have voiced my opinion on a his mater know end of times and been told I don’t know what I am talking about.

    I have said the authorities would try and take all our guns from us at some stage, more and more extensions to the rules and regs for shooters are getting more and more restrictive and it won’t be long before airgun shooters in England are going to see their air weapons licensed and an extortionate price to have the privilege to have and use them, so not only are we going to have to give flying pests a fright first before we shot them we are also going to have to go boo to found pests before turning the gun on them, what’s the bet that the next thing will be a special license to go lamping?

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