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Sporting Rifle has not one but three prizes from Leupold to give away, courtesy of GMK

What’s the greatest test of a scope, rangefinder or pair of binos? Technical comparisons, range testing, field work… how about giving it the battering of its life in a range of extreme scenarios? That’s what Leupold has used in its latest promo videos to test its VX-2, VX-3 and VX-6 riflescopes. The products are attached to a pneumatic drill for 30 minutes of abuse, or frozen in ice for a week, or put through a 25-minute rinse and spin cycle. And at the other end, they’re all shooting groups of an inch or less at 100 yards.

Such reliable quality doesn’t come about by accident. Leupold products are built to last and tested to extremes. The firm takes total control of its design, manufacture and testing – and it prides itself on the end result.

Thanks to Leupold’s UK importer GMK, we’re proud to have three Leupold optics to give away to three lucky winners. First, the VX-R 3-9×40 riflescope featuring fibre optic LED illumination via Leupold’s exclusive FireDot reticle system. That’s on top of faultless operation and sleek lines. Then there’s the BX-2 Cascades, with phase-coated roof prisms to give you the sharpness, contrast and colour fidelity serious binocular users demand, even in poor light conditions. And finally, the RX 600i rangefinder, with digitally enhanced accuracy, vivid optical quality and a fast focus eyepiece with precision clicks.

To enter, head to www.gmk.co.uk/leupold, watch the Leupold videos, and fill in the online entry form.

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  1. Jack Herron says:

    Leupold has great optics.

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