Rounds for roe

Get a load of this excellent stalking ammunition, all available in .243.


Lapua Hunting Cartridges

Loaded with Naturalis, Mega or FMJ bullets, Lapua’s hunting cartridges are varied and versatile enough that you’ll always have the ammunition required for any species or stalk. The Naturalis round was nominated for a Great British Shooting Award, its lead-free core producing consistent, controlled expansion and retaining its weight. But whichever bullet you choose, you’ll find something for you in the Lapua range.

Available in .222 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5×55, .308 Win, .30-06, 9.3×62, 6×47 Lap, 7x65R, 7.62x35R, 8x57JRS.

Viking Arms 

01423 780810

Nosler Trophy Grade

Available in a huge range of calibres – the roe-ready .243 and .308 among them – Trophy Grade ammo combines Nosler brass and Nosler bullets for a highly accurate ballistic package. Several different bullet options are available, including ballistic tips, ensuring you can pick the right load. What’s more, Nosler ammo is subject to a rigorous regimen of quality control, including case checking, neck sizing, flash hole inspection, powder charge weighing, visual inspection and polishing.

Highland Outdoors 

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Winchester Power Max

Winchester produces a huge range of ammunition, ranging from varmint hunting, all sizes of game, lead-free and training. The Power Max is one of their more popular cartridges the UK. It works on a combination of three technologies. The bonding process prevents fragmentation, the hollow point guarantees expansion and the jacket thickness controls expansion.


01235 514550

GECO Soft Point

The long established GECO brand has a century of history behind it. Pictured here is the .243 Win 105gn Soft Point version, designed with precision, flat trajectory and knock down power in mind, as well as good penetration with minimum meat damage. It is available in boxes of 20 or bulk packs of 50 rounds, offering excellent value.

RUAG Ammotec 

01579 362319

Remington Premier AccuTip

American manufacturing giant Remington isn’t just about guns – it produces excellent ammo, too. These cartridges feature a polymer tipped bullet with a jacket thickness tuned for expansion on medium sized game. Quoted selling points include a flat trajectory and strong terminal performance.

The cartridges are available in .204, .222, .223, 22-250, .243, .308 and .30-06.

Raytrade UK 

01635 253344

Federal V-Shok

Part of the Federal Premium range, V-Shok uses a thin-jacketed bullet for high energy release in a short distance. It’s available with a wide variety of different bullet designs, so those that are faithful to the brand can still choose between Speer, Nosler and Sierra to suit their needs and preferences.

Available centrefire calibres to include .204, .222, .22-250, .223, .243, .25-06, .260 and .270.


01489 587500

Fiocchi Extrema

A dedicated .243 load with either 95gn or 100gn bullet weight, Fiocchi’s line of hunting ammo is ideal for roe, with a soft-point bullet providing effective down-range performance and quick expansion.

On test, it’s been described as a consistent performer – just what you need when live quarry is involved – thanks to meticulously selected primers and clean-burning powders. It’s a round that will deliver reliable performance for shooters of all levels.

Fiocchi UK 

07826 372179

Hornady Precision Hunter

The Hornady Precision Hunter factoryp-loaded ammunition boasts excellent accuracy, and excellent terminal performance. Loaded with ELD-X bullets, great care has been taken by the engineers at Hornady to ensure that this ammunition reaches its maximum ballistic potential.

Precision Hunter ammunition uses clean burning propellants – meaning more time shooting, and less time cleaning. It’s also got Heat Shield tip technology – ideal for any hunting situation, due to its effective terminal performance at almost all ranges.

Edgar Brothers

01625 613177

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