The ultimate Christmas gift list

The Sporting Rifle team have put together a list of everything they want for Christmas – and we reckon you’ll want it all too…

Eley Hawk Diary

The Eley Hawk 2020 shooter’s diary is available to order directly from Eley Hawk or to buy from gun shops. This diary is a rich tradition, now in its 115th year. The 50 front pages are packed with information a shooter might need – from addresses of organisations to advice on the law, gun care, shot sizes and the Eley Hawk range. Throughout the diary are key dates for game and clay shooters as well as a cartridge of the month. It also contains game bag recording pages.

Price: £6.99 plus p+p
Eley Hawk 0121 352 3271

ZEISS Terra Pocket 8×25

ZEISS has announced a festive offer on its compact Terra ED 8×25 binoculars: Buy a pair between 25 November and 5 January from participating ZEISS retailers, and get £50 cashback.

Lightweight and comfortably compact, the Terra EDs have an ergonomic design that allows for precise focusing in any situation. With a folding design, these rough and durable binoculars have an operating temperature range of -20 to +63C as well as waterproof casing, making them a reliable companion for whenever adventure calls.

Price: £300
01223 401525

Seeland Hawker Shell Jacket

The popular Hawker stalking jacket is now available in Prym 1 Woodlands camo, designed to help you get closer to your quarry. Coloured to match the British woodlands, this organic pattern is made to provide naturalistic concealment. Plus, the jacket is extremely flexible, with reinforcements in the areas that get particularly stretched while crawling.

Price: £169.99
07887 997788


Hearing protection is viewed as more important than ever, so be sure to protect your ears in the very best way possible. CENS’s DX range of custom earplugs, designed exclusively for shooters, is packed with technology, using digital microprocessors optimised and programmed by experienced shooters and technicians. The DX1, DX3 and DX5 are available, differing in the number of modes they offer; they all come in six different battery colour options and 33 earpiece options.

Price: From £399
CENS Digital

Kahles Helia 2-10x50i

Lightweight and compact, this scope is a real all-rounder with its magnification range allowing for close-range encounters or shots taken at standard distances on open ground. A large, high-contrast field of view and excellent performance in dim light conditions make this ideal for stalking in the winter months. The optics boast exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness, day/night illuminated reticle with intelligent automatic switch-off, and oilphobic coated lenses.

Price: £1,330
01737 856812

Streamlight Haz-Lo headlamp

The USB Haz-Lo Headlamp is an ultra-lightweight, water resistant, rechargeable light for all kinds of outdoor use. With a lithium ion USB-rechargeable battery and a tough thermoplastic material, it’s operated by a multi-functioning push button switch that’s easy to use even with gloves on. With three modes of beam available, you can switch between spot-focused beam, flood for soft area illumination, and combo option for even lighting. The headlamp also delivers on power, shining up to 250 lumens of light. Charging only takes 4.5 hours, for a total run time of up to 13 hours. 

Price: £98

Wicked Rekon Carbon Precision Shooting Tripod

Shooting sticks come in many formats, and in some scenarios, tripod sticks can be the go-to choice. The Rekon CT-1 Carbon tripod will support a rifle up to 16kg, supplied in a cordura case containing a BH-1 fully adjustable ball head with 360-degree rotation and up/downhill and leaning ‘cant’ functionality for shot capability beyond most needs.

The long centre post extends 277mm above the central yoke with a second shorter post suited for prone use. Each three-part telescopic leg has a sprung catch for three angular positions with non-rotating carbon sections that unlock with a quarter turn of their rubberised collars.

These extend under their own weight with maximum height of feet to the base of the head at 1329mm from the ground with the ball head and Pig Saddle adding another 131mm. One tripod leg can be withdrawn to use as a monopod. The saddle’s rubber jaws lock the rifle’s forend firmly, with a triangular tensioner spanning from 35 to 70mm to fit most rifles.

Rubber feet grip on hard surfaces with spiked feet supplied for softer ground if desired, and a hook below the centre column hangs spare items for extra ‘mass anchorage’. The carrying strap slings the setup stored down at 690mm for carriage to your shooting location with an all up weight of 2.51kg.

Components screw together with 3/8″x16 and 1/4″x20 threads familiar to photographers for other camera accessories. The BH-1 head has twin tensioners, one purely for initial rotational setup, a larger one for the ball itself. A half turn finds your sweet spot for ease of movement balanced to your rifle’s weight with Forest and Desert Camo Neoprene Leg protectors giving a warm hold.

Altering length on the legs can be performed quietly in the field if needed between the likelihood of standing or seated shots. For long waits in ambush it is superb, allowing you to relax and observe, especially with top-heavy night vision rifle kit.

Prone shots require you to swap the centre column – not something you will do in a hurry to be fair, but horses for courses. Splayed elbows in this state were stable, allowing a certain amount of forward pressure to be applied. All this comes with a warranty of three years on the tripod, one year on the ball head. 

Field tested by contributor Chris Parkin

Price: £399.99 (Wicked Rekon CT-1 tripod, BH-1 ball head and Pig Saddle)
01556 503587

Sightmark Accudot

Bring a new level of tech to boresighting, Accudot red laser boresights are the most efficient way to accurately sight-in your firearm and save ammo. Accudot adds rechargeable, internal lithium ion batteries, with an auto-activation function to save battery life (the boresight activates only when the bolt is closer).

Constructed of durable brass, the Accudot is easy to pack and travel, while a USB dock provides the possibility of on-the-go charging wherever you are. Accudot Red Laser Boresights include recharging dock, USB cable, wall adapter and carrying case.

Price: £59.99

Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver set

Wheeler’s 72-piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set belongs on every gunsmithing bench – use it right and it’ll will put an end to burred, busted screw slots on any rifle set-up that comes your way.

That huge selection of bits means there’s something for every eventuality – in fact, Wheeler’s engineers measured the screws on over 100 modern and antique firearms to make sure they offered bits for every situation.

The 54 hollow-ground flat bits range in size from .120x.020in to .360x.070in, and include two of the thinnest sizes. The set also includes a complete selection of Phillips, Allen, and Torx bits to cover scope rings, bases, recoil pads, and the like.

Price: £93.99
Sportsman Gun Centre
01392 354854

BXB backpack

Success while shooting often depends on getting the basics right, and the quality of your pack is certainly a basic requirement you can’t afford to compromise on. Browning now offers a range of three backpacks to carry all your gear. Pictured is the BXB Browning backpack, which has a capacity of 41 litres. It allows you to carry your rifle and quickly get access to your other gear. It also comes with an orange rain cover.

Price: £89

01235 514550

Bergara Shooting seat

This folding shooting seat from Bergara makes a great gift. Lightweight and easy to transport and assemble, it’s a comfortable chair for stationary shooting – or fishing – over long periods. With a 360-degree swivel function, it allows you to adapt to any shooting position required – ideal for pigeon shooting, for example, where birds could come in from any angle. Now available in olive green to blend into its surroundings.

Price: £99
RUAG 01579 362319

Spypoint Link-Micro

The Link-Micro Cellular Trail Camera is the smallest cellular trail camera on the market, as well as being one of the easiest to set up and activate. This camera takes 10MP photographs, in colour during the day and black-and-white at night.

These can be transmitted via 4G network to the Spypoint LINK App on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you don’t have to take trips out into the field to review your photos. Other features include low glow LEDs, a 0.5s trigger speed, up to 24.3m detection range and multi-shot mode. This trail camera is also compatible with Spypoint’s exclusive Buck Tracker antler recognition technology.

Price: £199.95
Thomas Jacks 01789 264100

Sporting Rifle subscription

Don’t forget that a magazine subscription is an excellent gift – and of course there’s no magazine better than the one you’re reading right now… Subscribe now and never miss an issue again, as well as saving money compared to buying individual issues. With festive discounts available across three-month and yearly subscriptions, there’s never been a better time to sign up.

Price: From £8.75 (3 months)
My Favourite Magazines
0844 848 2852

Le Chameau LCM5

The ultimate field jacket by Le Chameau, the LCM5 insulated jacket is fully waterproof, lined with Primaloft and bursting with innovations such as super-load pockets, innovative shooting hood, built-in carry strap and articulated sleeves for exceptional freedom of movement. The outer shell is an Italian-produced fabric made from a cotton, polyester, polyamide mix and coated in a durable, water-repellent finish to provide an extra barrier against the elements.

Price: £579
Le Chameau

Pulsar Axion Key XM30

There’s a festive offer afoot on the Pulsar Axiom Key XM30 thermal spotter: buy one from Drew’s Lab and get a free additional APS3 battery worth £39.95.

Designed to fit in one hand or a standard-size pocket, the Axion Key XM30 boasts user-friendly controls, ergonomic features and more besides. All contained in a rigid magnesium alloy housing, it’s got an IPX7 waterproof rating, choice of eight colour palettes, instant start-up and 1200m detection range. And all at a price that would once have been unthinkable for a thermal imager. What’s not to like?

Price: £1,159.95
Drews Lab
0141 883 9570

Roe and sika sack

These durable sacks have been designed for dedicated stalkers. The roe sack is made with 30in x 4in dimensions, while the sika sack is naturally larger at 34in x 26in. Both are made from military-grade Cordura, double stitched at every stress point, and made to be super-tough and fit for the job whatever terrain you stalk over.

Price: £135
Macintyre & Thomson
01764 662682

Ogden’s three-piece set

Made from superb quality leather, this set of three rifleman’s accessories is a truly great gift item. The set comprises a bolt holder, seven-round bullet pouch and double licence wallet – so both shotgun and rifle owners are catered for. These are available individually or with a discount for buying all three. 

Price: £29.99 each, £69.99 for the set + free p&p
0161 621 2190

Buffalo River Butcher’s Set

A gift for the busy deer manager, this set includes everything you need to get carcase prep work done. The kit includes bone saw, ribcage spreader, gut hook, skinner, butchers’ knife, skinning knife and fillet knife. Plus there’s a knife sharpener to keep your tools in tip-top condition, and the whole kit is supplied in a hard case.

Price: £51.99

Highland Outdoors
0845 099 0252

Leupold Marksman RX1000

As the name suggests, you’ll get 1000 yards’ worth of ranging capability from this lightweight, affordable rangefinder. With 6x magnification, as well as basic range it’ll give you uphill/downhill angle distances, line-of-sight distances and a scan mode. Fully multi-coated lenses make for an easy-to-read sight picture, while the whole package is waterproof, packaged in a Cordura case and protected by a two-year warranty on the electronics.

Price: £247
Viking Arms
01423 780810

Hawke Endurance LRF

Hawke has developed OLED rangefinders that provide precision at an impressive price. The Hawke Endurance LRF’s use of high-light-transmission optics and red OLED display makes the view to your target brighter than ever before. Distance, Horizontal Distance, Angle, Rain and Hunt modes make this feature-rich rangefinder a truly versatile option for huters. Built with a compact body, it comes supplied with a protective case. Available in 700m, 1000m and 1500m versions.

Price: From £219
01394 387762

Aimcam Fully Loaded Set

Watch your shots with the Aimcam, a pair of shooting glasses that incorporates an 8MP camera that records ‘point of view’ footage or live-streams it to the Aimcam app on your smartphone. The camera is optimised for capturing video in challenging or changing light conditions, with a 62-degree field of view allowing a greater chance of capturing the action. The Fully Loaded set includes AimCam Pro 2 glasses in black or camo (with all standard accessories); power pack; tactical coil cable; case and micro SD card.

Price: £299
Edgar Brothers
01625 613177

Apex 46 and 46D knives

The latest knife from Napier, the 46 and 46D (Damascus) have a specific drop blade shape that can easily handle precision work on a muntjac yet have the weight and strength required to tackle the sternum of a roe or larger species. Each knife is ergonomically designed with a palm-swell Micarta handle, attached to a full-tang best quality blade, along with stainless bolsters. Each one is presented with a premium quality tan leather sheath, slim and well positioned for a belt. It features a strong Napier brass logo press stud fastener, and double-stitched, brass-riveted cow hide.

Price: Apex 46 £204, Apex 46D £224.50
01235 812993

Deerhunter Cumberland

The popular Deerhunter Cumberland range has had a makeover and is now available dressed in Realtree ADAPT camo. The machine-washable collection, which includes the Pro jacket and matching technical trousers, incorporates a Deer-Tex Performance Shell membrane, ensuring it is waterproof, windproof and breathable. The membrane comes with a five-year warranty on manufacturing defects and is four-way stretchable. Other technical features include a mesh lining, reinforced elbows and seat and well-appointed pockets.

Price: £218 (jacket)
07766 323683

Purdey rifle sleeve

This canvas and leather rifle sleeve allows your rifle to be carried securely, with a fleece lining on the interior making. The sleeve is made with an adjustable leather strap with brass buckles and eco-friendly nettle cotton canvas.

The canvas is a recreation of the fabrics used in the Second World War by the Swiss Army, when it was found that yarns could be made from nettle fibres that were extremely strong and durable. This modern recreation combines the nettle fibre with cotton, making the sleeve highly robust. The slip is available in moss green or walnut; a leather lozenge offers space for personalisation.

Price: £995
020 7499 1801

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