Ask the experts: Is foxing better by moonlight?

Q Do you find a moonlit night produces better results for foxing than the really dark ones?

A Mike says: Personally, I really dislike the moon, especially when it’s over half. The only advantage it gives you is that you can see where you’re going much more easily. Apart from that, I am sure it gives the fox a much greater chance of seeing you. A fox’s sight is extremely good and if it is capable of seeing in almost total darkness I guess in moonlight it’s not that much different to it being out in daylight.

Over the years I’ve shot a lot of foxes under the moon but nowhere near as many as I have when it’s dark, and a lot of the foxes I shot by moonlight was years ago when I used the shotgun. As I’ve said before, it’s possible to walk out to foxes if you get to know how, and in those circumstances moonlight can be useful – but my shotgun foxing days are a long time ago, and nowadays as most foxes are shot with a rifle, things are different.

So in answer to your question, yes, it is possible to shoot foxes under the moon, but much easier using modern equipment to do so under the cloak of darkness.

Mike Powell Professional gamekeeper and foxing expert

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