Ask the experts: What sights are best for dangerous game?


I am due to be some hunting dangerous game. Should I go for the traditional appeal of open sights? Or would a more traditional optic suit me best?


Without knowing the game and location, it’s hard to say. You may want to consider a long eye relief, wide field of vision scope. As for the toss-up between red dot and open sights, the instinctiveness of the red-dot technology makes it very easy to use. You will probably find you shoot better with this set-up.

That said, there is less to go wrong with open sights, and there is something beautifully nostalgic and clean about a non-scoped rifle.

Ultimately it comes down to what you are comfortable with. My advice would be to try both. You may find if you are a bit older in age, it is much easier to focus on the dot than an open sight.

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