Best big game rifles 2021 – our top picks

When you need a performance that matters, you can count on these tried and tested picks, so here are our choices for the best big game rifles 2021.

Mauser 98 Magnum

Staying true to tradition, the new Model 98 Magnum shows there is no challenge too great for this rifle. Based on a double square bridge action made from a full block of steel, this holds five (.375) or four (.416 or .450) cartridges in the magazine to tackle the jobs a double rifle can’t.

Thanks to the legendary long extractor, the controlled feed and the fantastic bolt cycle, this power is delivered with speed and absolute reliability when your life may truly depend upon it. This big-game classic is available in .375 H&H Magnum, .416 Rigby or .450 Rigby. Who wouldn’t want to carry one of these in the African bush?

RRP £9,625 
Blaser Group Ltd 
01483 917412

Rigby Big Game rifle

John Rigby & Co. has joined forces with its old German partner, Mauser, to create this modern masterpiece. The Big Game is built on the Magnum Mauser action, which is based on the classic model 98 design.

Available in a single or double square bridge version, it offers professional and recreational hunters a more moderately priced alternative to the brand’s ‘London Best’ custom rifles. Available in .375 H&H, .416 Rigby or .450 Rigby.

RRP from £8,745
John Rigby and Co. 
02077 200757

Merkel Double Rifle 160

Merkel continue to produce bespoke double rifles for the discerning hunter. The 160 side-by-side rifle with the finest sidelocks stands out in terms of technology and aesthetics. Precision shooting is aided by the set trigger on the forward trigger blade, and the classical sidelocks make for excellent trigger pull. Available in .416 Rigby, .470 N.E, .500 N.E, .450/400. N.E, .375 H&H Mag, .30-06, 7x57R or 8x57R. 

RRP from £15,120.00 (Bespoke rifles by special orders only) 
Viking Arms 
01423 780810

Remington 700 AWR

The 700 AWR features a black Cerakote finish that protects a free-floated 5R barrel and legendary stainless steel action, forming a virtually indestructible barrier against abuse and corrosion.

Solidly anchored within a high-performance Grayboe stock, it delivers the ultimate in strength, precision and all-weather durability. With an X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger, the 700 AWR is available in .270 Win, .30-06 Sprg, 7mm RM, .300 WM, .300 RUM or .338 RUM.

SRP £1,685
01635 253344

The 110 Bear Hunter

For challenging game that needs hard-hitting performance in harsh conditions, the 110 Bear Hunter delivers time and time again. The rifle features the Savage AccuFit and AccuTrigger systems to provides the fit and function of a custom rifle – right out of the box.

The 110 Bear Hunter sports a 23-inch stainless steel fluted barrel, adjustable muzzle brake and camouflaged Mossy Oak Break-Up Country synthetic stock.

RRP £1,360
Edgar Brothers 
01625 613177

X-Bolt SF Max Varmint

The X-Bolt SF Max Varmint has been developed to deal with rough conditions. A Dura-Touch coating offers good grip and the Influx II recoil pad lets you securely shoulder the rifle – and takes care of a substantial part of the recoil.

The oversized bolt head is easy to handle, even with gloves, and the semi-heavy 24-inch barrel is blued to reduce glare. The X-Bolt is threaded to M18x1 and features a Super Feather trigger. 

RRP £1,299
01235 514550 

Blaser R8 Selous 

The R8 Selous is a high-performance big game rifle with a classic look: simply elegant, it features every technical advantage possible to aid a successful African hunting trip.

In addition the R8 Selous features a blued steel receiver with a Selous lettering inlayed with gold, a bolt handle ball inlayed with gold, and a Safari forend with ebony forend tip rounds the appearance. Shown with the Blaser 1-7×28 iC riflescope (not included in the price).

RRP £14,657 
Blaser Group Ltd 
01483 917412

GRS Bifrost 

The GRS Bifrost is perfect for rugged hunting. The grip and forehand area have a rubber surface – steady and comfortable in any type of weather. The Picatinny mounting system integrates into four different positions on the stock, making it easy to mount any accessories.

The stock features a unique SpeedLock 2.0 system that makes it easier to adjust the length and height of the stock, and, importantly, to resist recoil from the heaviest calibres.

SRP £469.99 
Highland Outdoors 
0845 099 0252 

Sako Kodiac  

The Sako Kodiac is a large calibre sporting rifle, designed as a special order for the UK market. The straight weatherproof stock is made of grey laminated hardwood and reinforced with two cross-bolts.

The short free-floating medium contour barrel features adjustable open sights. The bolt, receiver and detachable mag are made from stainless steel, and provide reliable functioning even in severe weather conditions. 

RRP from £2,425 
01489 579999

CZ 557 Predator 

The 557 series combines the best of CZ’s long traditions with advanced design. In line with modern hunting trends, the polymer stock of the Predator has a soft-touch finish for comfortable and reliable grip in a forest camouflage pattern.

The shooting comfort is further enhanced by an adjustable cheekpiece and a compensator is fitted on the M14×1 muzzle thread. Sporting a 21-inch threaded barrel, the Predator is available in .30-06 Sprg, 6.5×55 or .308 Win. 

RRP from £820 
Sportsman Gun Centre 
01392 354870 

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