Will O’Meara’s new target shooting discipline

Will O’Meara discovers a discipline of target shooting that has real benefits for hunters – and even uses hunting kit The hunting season here in Ireland drew to a close at the end of February, so while deer hunters in

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Hunting in the heat

If you want safari success, says Kevin Thomas, you can’t retreat when the temperature rises – you need to keep hunting through the punishing ‘midday window’ Throughout my hunting career, be it guiding safaris or hunting for myself, I’ve observed

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Honesty is the best policy

Are we guilty of emphasising the worst aspects of hunting in our quest to tell a good story? Byron Pace investigates

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Scale of online shooter abuse revealed

Hunters and shooters are still being targeted for online abuse, a new survey has revealed.

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Who’s going to be hunting’s next public champion? It’s going to be you

The hunting fraternity needs a better public image, but it’s no good waiting for a saviour. The time for hunters and shooters to be a force for positive change is now

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Get the Edge

The Apex Edge is a honing oil made from highly refined vegetable and mineral oils, made to be used in conjunction with any dry sharpening system such as a steel.

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Hinds in the wilderness

Looking back at last year’s hind season, Byron Pace recounts a unique experience encountered with four foreign hunters in search of something more

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Hunters remembered: Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett’s .275 rifle is currently on display at John Rigby HQ in London. Here’s Sporting Rifle’s account of Corbett’s life as told through our Hunters Remembered column

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Generation Game

Editor-in-chief Pete Carr introduces his granddaughter to stalking and says that, for the future of our sport, all hunters should make time for interested youngsters

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