Stuart Wilson’s Lithgow combo

You can cover a good area, comfortably taking targets out to 150 yards and more Stuart Wilson sets up in his pick-up for a proper field test of the Lithgow Arms LA101 .17 HMR Synthetic Stainless, decked out with Nikko

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Round-up of rounds (part 1)

From .22 to big bores and everything in between, here’s all the ammo you need to load up your latest new rifle acquisition with, and here is part 1 of 2! Eley Subsonic The hunting round from British .22 ammo

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The calibre hunter

Returning to an old favourite, Byron Pace details why the .300 Win Mag is still at the top of the pile despite the emergence of newer, faster contenders

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Accuracy International AT rifle Review

I know several full-time keepers who swear by their Accuracy International AE rifles in .243 Win and in .308 Win, which perform vermin- control duties flawlessly under sometimes quite extreme conditions.

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Gemsbok in the red sand

Kevin Thomas recounts a frustrating hands-and-knees hunt on the trail of gemsbok in South Africa’s Northern Cape Pennsylvanian Bill Haslett was scheduled to fly into Kimberley for the start of our second safari. During the planning phase Bill expressed his

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Ahead of its time: Byron Pace drags the .280 Ross back from obscurity

As I write this I am toiling with a very hard decision. It’s an affliction most hunters suffer with, where every so often the unexplainable desire to own a new calibre begins to burn. Intending it to be a second

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Lightening the load

Paul Harding experiments with some reduced recoil loads, and finds that big-bore rifles needn’t make you wince

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The lit fuse

Fondly recalling his explosive youth, Mike Yardley remembers how his outdoor experiments shaped his enjoyment of the countryside and shooting

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Fastest rimfire in the US

With the current market already flooded with .17 calibres, Byron Pace takes a close look at the newest kid on the block

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Calibre hunter

Everybody knows the .308 Win, but few will have encountered the .308 Norma cartridge. Byron takes a look at this Scandinavian hard hitter

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