David Barrington Barnes

Top tips for quarry calling

David Barrington Barnes recalls the lessons learned from previous outings and explores the art of calling for quarry. Where are many good reasons for the great enjoyment that deerstalkers derive from their pursuit of deer. High among them are the

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Red stalking with David Barrington Barnes

As autumn brings about the height of the red stag rut, David Barrington Barnes reminds us that it is an experience never to be missed. Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images I have never been reticent in writing about the sheer

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Fallow shots w/ David Barrington Barnes

David Barrington Barnes recalls some of his finest fallow shots at stunning Iken in Sussex. Credit: Flickr / tomline43 The quarter century that has come and gone since I first enjoyedIken stalking in September 1995 has passed in a flash.

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Gun laws – How is rifle hunting affected?

David Barrington Barnes explores the various ways in which different branches of gun laws can impact rifle hunting. How do gun laws effect hunting? My regular readers will have been reminded in my last three articles that they are always

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Hunting high seats – what to do and what not to do

David Barrington Barnes shares the benefit of a properly chosen hunting high seat and the pitfalls to beware of. DIY mobile high seat for hunterswuth wheels, Czech Republic. I own or control approaching fifty high and low seats. These vary

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The importance of rifle care

David Barrington Barnes emphasises the importance of proper rifle care to prevent unfortunate and costly mistakes. A game hunter looking through the reeds with his sniper rifle In researching this subject, I have revisited my old British Deer Society course

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Sporting Rifle issue 181 is out now

The latest edition of Sporting Rifle is now available to for digital download or purchase. It’s a bumper package for the latest edition of Sporting Rifle, bringing you all the latest news, reviews and feature content to keep you occupied

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Sunshine stalking

David Barrington Barnes admits that British summers may not all be about soaring temperatures, but rain or shine, the key to grassing deer is getting out there. One morning last summer I took out Stuart, an Australian stalker. At home,

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Hunting knife technique: Tips from an expert

There’s a knack to working with a hunting knife. David Barrington Barnes has some top technique tips to avoid a trip to A&E It all happened so quickly! Our stalker friend – who shall remain nameless – was gralloching two

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Sporting Rifle 179 is out NOW

The latest issue of Sporting Rifle Magazine is now available, full of news, reviews, hunting stories and helpful advice. It’s here – the biggest moment in the UK lowland stalker’s calendar. The first day of April heralds the opening of

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