Pulsar Accolade 2 XP50 LFR review with Chris Parkin

Pulsar’s latest bioculars prove that thermal imagining technology is evolving rapidly – Chris Parkin finds out more about the amazing Accolade 2 XP50 LFR. Pulsar’s latest update of the market leading Accolade thermal Binoculars has now received a sensor update

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Vulkan 35mm thermal monocular review with Chris Parkin

As the HIK brand starts to take off in the UK, Chris Parkin swoops in to test the Vulkan 35mm thermal monocular. HIK is showing strong growth in the UK so the chance to use one of their monoculars was

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Using thermal night vision for foxing

After a quiet year on the foxes, Robert Bucknell has been itching for the chance to deal with some unwelcome guests on his patch  Credit: Jamie_Hall / Getty Images This month I really can’t top the fox story I read

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The Shooting Show – ‘Unwary Foxes’ with Mark Ripley AKA 260 RIPS

In this weeks episode, Mark Ripley tests the new Pulsar XG50 Krypton Thermal in a field of some unwary foxes. SUBSCRIPTION OFFER: We are offering a 10% discount on all Field Sports magazine subscriptions. All you need to do is

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The importance of fieldcraft: Robert Bucknell explains

Robert Bucknell explains the importance of fieldcraft and looks at the skills new foxers will need to acquire You can go for weeks feeling pretty sure there are no foxes around, and then suddenly the hairs on the back of

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Top tips for quarry calling

David Barrington Barnes recalls the lessons learned from previous outings and explores the art of calling for quarry. Where are many good reasons for the great enjoyment that deerstalkers derive from their pursuit of deer. High among them are the

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Zeiss’s DTI review with Chris Parkin

Chris Parkin gives his verdict on Zeiss’ first foray into thermal imaging, with the new DTI. It was only a matter of time before some of the big European names began to seriously flirt with night vision and thermal imaging, and

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SPONSORED: Furnace Pro gloves

A fashionable pair of waterproof and thermal gloves, that are not only great for extreme conditions but a perfect day-to-day winter accessory. Perfect for keeping hands warm and dry, offering good dexterity for shooters too, with added PU leather grip

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Sightmark Wraith 4K review

Foxer Mark Ripley takes the new Sightmark Wraith 4K on patrol, and puts the night vision viewer through its paces. As most readers will be aware, I’m a fan of the Sightmark Wraith HD, which offers exceptional value for money and

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Advice for young shooters from Robert Bucknell

Robert Bucknell continues his foxing patrol, and offers advice for shooters missing out on this year’s game fairs. Regular readers will know that we’ve pretty much cleared our ground of foxes, and our neighbouring farms keep on top of theirs

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