Mike Powell reviews the Pulsar Accolade

Mike Powell turns his eye – well, both eyes – to the Pulsar Accolade thermal binocular and its eye strain-reducing capabilities. Pulsar are the headline sponsors of this year’s Great British Shooting Awards. For more information, just visit: http://bit.ly/304ALSC Fox

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The importance of fieldcraft: Robert Bucknell explains

Robert Bucknell explains the importance of fieldcraft and looks at the skills new foxers will need to acquire You can go for weeks feeling pretty sure there are no foxes around, and then suddenly the hairs on the back of

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Advice for young shooters from Robert Bucknell

Robert Bucknell continues his foxing patrol, and offers advice for shooters missing out on this year’s game fairs. Regular readers will know that we’ve pretty much cleared our ground of foxes, and our neighbouring farms keep on top of theirs

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Best scopes for rimfire rifles 2020

Mike Powell presents his best scopes for rimfire rifles this year. 1 – Hawke Airmax 3-12×50 30SF Hawke Airmax 3-12×50 30SF Without a doubt the maker of scopes that have always been very much to the fore when it comes

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Ask the experts

Our team of experts solves five more of your burning questions, from calibres to cleaning Technique Q: I’m looking to buy a new sling. Are there any special types I should look at? I’ve seen one with a kind of

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The Shooting Show – lamping rabbits with the Ruger Precision

This week’s edition of The Shooting Show is all about the Ruger Precision! The Shooting Show – lamping rabbits with the Ruger Precision

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The Shooting Show – blustery bunnies with the Ruger Precision .22

Stuart’s out testing his new Ruger Precision .22 rimfire, first on the range then on an evening’s excursion after rabbits. But the weather’s not playing ball: high winds curtail the range test, then conditions worsen as rain sets in for

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WATCH: Roebuck stalking with night vision

Stuart Wilson is joined in the high seat by newcomer Linford, who’s shot his first rabbits and foxes with Stuart and is now ready to try for a buck.

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Hopper Stoppers: shooting the Easter bunny

Rabbits are in New Zealand a huge problem for farmers, and every Easter, Lions Club in Alexandra on the south island runs a 24-hour shooting competition. Thomas Nissen joins in… Andrew stops the battered-beyond-recognition 4WD Mitsubishi Wan at the edge

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NEW: The Shooting Show – Pace v Pace rabbit shooting PLUS a look forward to the CLA Game Fair

Our rabbiting mania continues as Byron and Darryl Pace grab their Anschutz rimfires and RWS subsonic ammo once more. But this is no ordinary coney control gig: it’s a brotherly rivalry. Each of the pair has one hour to shoot

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