SPONSORED: NL Pure from Swarovski

Swarovski Optik opens up a new dimension of wildlife watching. A huge, revolutionary field of view combined with ground-breaking design in premium-class binoculars – the new NL Pure from Swarovski Optik takes your wildlife viewing to the next level. This

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SPONSORED: Peltor SportTac

The Peltor™ SportTac™ is an intelligent, active hearing protector specially developed for hunters and shooters. It offers active level-dependent protection, which means that protection is scaled up as the frequency of dangerous sound increases. The Peltor™ SportTac™ will attenuate dangerous

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Thermal imagers in foxing

Having successfully kept his fox numbers down, Robert Bucknell explores the other applications of thermal imagers and foxing kit. Credit: aaprophoto / Getty Images As I write this in early July, we still have very few foxes about the place.

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Shooting and rural organisations call for transition away from lead ammunition

Leading shooting and rural organisations have today announced they want an end to the use of lead and single-use plastics in shotgun ammunition for live quarry shooting within five years. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), British Game

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First steps into foxing

Robert Bucknell relates his early days in the foxing world – and gives some invaluable advice on how you can get into the sport today I am extremely lucky in that, being brought up on a farm, the countryside was

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Management for survival

Sustainable use is about more than giving hunters what they want, says Byron Pace – it is vital for supporting local communities. Rain is something I am normally all too happy to see stop. We are used to it in

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Get ready for the British Shooting Show

The ‘jewel in the crown’ of British shooting shows and game fairs is back – here’s how the show will shape up in 2020. At this year’s British Shooting Show will also be the Great British Shooting Awards! For more

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Mixed views on wildlife sentences

Scotland’s plans to toughen up on wildlife crime have come under scrutiny at a round-table discussion in Holyrood. Credit: Wikimedia / Klaus with K The proposals, made as part of the Animals and Wildlife (Protections, Penalties and Powers) (Scotland) Bill,

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Conservation: Facing the future

From the heart of Africa, Byron Pace catches up on the most recent news for wildlife and what that means for the future Never did I think I would find Johannesburg a tranquil place. If it wasn’t for seeing my

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It’s official – science supports hunting

More than a hundred scientists have declared that they back hunting, saying the evidence is in favour of its conservation benefits. In a letter published in Science magazine, the group of scientists responded to recent calls on the UK government

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