Full-time foxing with Mark Ripley

With thousands of lambs to protect, Mark Ripley puts in the hours with his rifle, Nightforce scope and thermal imager to keep them safe. It was still dark when I pulled up to the field gate, quietly slid back the

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The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing with the Ruger Precision .22

There’s no rest for the wicked as Stuart Wilson’s out in the field again with his Ruger .22 – and a centrefire to boot. Now familiar with his new box seat, he camps out for a vigil where rabbit, roe

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Stuart Wilson’s rabbit raid

Credit: James Gledhill / Getty Images Stuart Wilson recruits two shooting buddies while on a .22 rabbit control mission, and is even kind enough to hand one of them the rifle. Don’t forget to check out the equipment used at

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Mike Powell reviews the Pulsar Accolade

Mike Powell turns his eye – well, both eyes – to the Pulsar Accolade thermal binocular and its eye strain-reducing capabilities. Fox numbers in my area seem to have been high. There are various reasons for that, one of which

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Mike Powell’s tips on dealing with longer days

Credit: Dgwildlife / Getty Images As the year moves on and the days get longer, how do you adapt your foxing tactics to suit the season? Mike Powell has the answers… As time passes and spring moves inexorably into early

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A lifetime of rifles

From humble beginnings with a BSA to today’s exploits with Sauer, Howa, Anschütz and CZ, Mike Powell discusses the rifles that have been important to his shooting life I really can’t explain why I have always been heavily involved with

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Fast foxing with Mike Powell

Patrolling the fields to keep the lambs safe, Mike Powell experiences a number of quickfire foxing encounters – and a bonus buck too. As the year drifted into May, reports started coming in of foxes taking poultry. The growing cubs

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Close encounters of the vulpine kind

With a fox to take care of in a tricky close-up situation between houses and smallholdings, Mike Powell finds that the .22 Hornet is the calibre for the job. April arrived and with it, as always, came the increase in

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Unwanted visitor

Fox predation always happens at the worst possible time, as Mark Ripley finds as he’s called to deal with a vulpine raider at the zoo… With the lambing season about to get under way on the farm, the last thing

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New year foxing

From sorting out mating foxes to gauging population levels, Mike Powell lists all the early year tasks foxers need to get stuck into

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