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Long range foxing with Mark Ripley

Mark Ripley explains the art of long range foxing and recalls his ten longest foxing kills to date. The subject of shooting any living creature is always one that will attract controversy but add to that the aspect of doing

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The Shooting Show – Mark Ripley AKA 260RIPS Top 10 Long Range shots

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Shooting Show, now available to view by clicking on the video above! On this week’s episode of The Shooting Show, we spend some time in the studio with Mark Ripley AKA 260RIPS as

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SPONSORED: Norma Bondstrike™

Designed for extreme long-range accuracy and excellent performance on game at all distances. Bonded for weight retention and penetration. Norma has always been known for precision; but Bondstrike takes it to a whole new level with a winning combination of

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Gun review: Tactical triumph

Chris Parkin finds himself warming to American scopes as he reviews the Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II in 3.5-21×50. This is my third encounter with Bushnell’s Elite Tactical range, and I was pleased to report this latest unit has exceeded

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Stalking essentials, as chosen by our contributors (part 4)

This is our fourth and final part in the stalking essentials series, as chosen by Sporting Rifle’s contributors. Last time, we heard from Byron Pace regarding essential mountain hunting gear, and in our final bumper part, we have picks from

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Foxing: going the distance

Want to become a long-range foxer – or just test your rifle set-up to its very limit? Mark Ripley shows you the basics of long-range shooting How do you get started in long-range shooting? That’s a question I often get

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Ask the experts: What rifles are good for shooting foxes at long range?

I shoot a few foxes, usually around the 100-yard mark, and am thinking of trying my hand at much longer ranges. Do you have any pointers as to choice of rifle, techniques etc?

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