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Sporting Rifle 171 is on sale NOW

Get ready for the rut! The August issue of Sporting Rifle is out just in time for the beginning of the roe rut. It’s the most magical and productive time in many a roe stalker’s calendar, and we’ve got all

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A look at conservation efforts

Having the opportunity to see work on the ground, Byron Pace gives us an account of efforts to save pangolin in South Africa. These days I seem to do most of my writing at altitude, as indeed is the case

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Sporting Rifle 169 is on sale NOW

The latest issue of Sporting Rifle Magazine is available for purchase now! July sees the start of the roe rut, the opening of the stag season in Scotland, as well as summer stalks abroad and the ever-present muntjac and fox.

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Sporting Rifle 167 is out now!

The advancing months always bring new opportunities for the rifle shooter, and the May 2019 issue of Sporting Rifle is all about celebrating rifle sport as the days lengthen. We’ve got roebuck stalking north and south – from Ayrshire to

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Why do you hunt?

There’s a growing gulf in the perception of different forms of hunting – but, Byron Pace warns, we can’t entirely discard ‘trophy hunting’ in favour of ‘meat hunting’ or conservation will suffer. I start this month’s article with a request.

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The calibre hunter

Sometimes cartridges are ahead of their time. That was certainly true with the .244 H&H, remarks Byron Pace. Historically, cartridge development has gone through phases, which inevitably return again decades later, whether that be smaller and faster or bigger and

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Shoot in Scotland 2019 is out now

Shoot in Scotland is your annual guide to the mystery and magic of shotgun and rifle sport north of the boarder, and it’s back for 2019 with an all-new collection of knowledge, kit and tales from the field. Start planning

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Mountainous issue

Do we do enough for conservation? Byron Pace takes a look at the successful conservation of sheep in North America’s Rocky Mountains, and wonders if we can do more of the same

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The calibre hunter

Returning to an old favourite, Byron Pace details why the .300 Win Mag is still at the top of the pile despite the emergence of newer, faster contenders

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Foxing Initiation

It always gives me great pleasure to bring new people into hunting. It is the only way we will survive in the long term, and the more people we can encourage to pick up a rifle, or indeed a shotgun, the brighter the future will be for shooting and country sports as a whole.

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