The Shooting Show – Culling Foxes ft. Mark Ripley

In this weeks episode, Mark is culling foxes on a smallholding before the lambing season starts in earnest. You can watch the full episode here: For this job, Mark is using the new InfiRay Rico scope from Scott Country International

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The Shooting Show – Stalking with Chris Dalton

This week we follow Chris Dalton around a recently acquired private estate in Garryloop, South West Scotland as he’s been asked to manage the deer and has taken on the shooting rights to the property. Within close proximity to hill

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Fox control in springtime with Mark Ripley

With the days getting longer, Mark Ripley explains that his springtime fox control has already started in earnest. Credit: LockieCurrie / Getty Images Spring is by far my busiest time of the year for fox control, as the majority of

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Mike Powell’s report on fox populations

Mike Powell provides a report on fox populations, and his own exploits, in winter 2019. Credit: Michael Breuer / Getty Images As far this winter’s foxing has been concerned, the headline news is that we took above average numbers here.

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Sporting Rifle 177 is out NOW!

Are you ready for the first edition of Sporting Rifle of 2020? As far as sporting rifle shooters are concerned, February is the cruellest month – with fast-approaching deer cull deadlines, fox raids to take care of ahead of lambing

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Guarding the flock

Mark Ripley looks ahead to the fast-approaching lambing season and details all the essential tactics and kit foxers need to know about

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On the Lamb

A good sheep farmer knows two very important things: when to get the ewes to the safety of the lambing sheds and what constitutes good predator control. In relation to foxes, that’s having a man or men he can trust to respect his land and get the job done quickly and discreetly.

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Skye Foxes are the Bomb

I recall fondly my times on Skye foxing. The terrain is difficult – and filming for The Shooting Show equally so, but the rewards are spectacular. One occasion that sticks out saw me joining friend and hunter Scott Mackenzie. Given the limited number of roe on the island, and with the hind season well and truly over, Scott’s attention was firmly placed on a search and destroy mission.

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