Head measuring with BASC

BASC’s deer officer James Sutcliffe gives us all the latest medal heads as the roebuck season gets into full swing. April saw 25 heads reach medal standard, including excellent examples of roebuck, muntjac, red, fallow and wild boar from across

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General licences: what’s the latest?

Six weeks on from the original withdrawal of three general licences for the control of pest bird species, confusion still reigns. For shooters everywhere, questions are still being asked. What can we shoot now? What do we need to apply

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Sporting Rifle 169 is on sale NOW

The latest issue of Sporting Rifle Magazine is available for purchase now! July sees the start of the roe rut, the opening of the stag season in Scotland, as well as summer stalks abroad and the ever-present muntjac and fox.

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BASC backs amateur stalkers

A new report submitted to Scottish Natural Heritage has called for greater obligations to be placed on local authorities to manage deer on their land. The report, produced by the Lowland Deer Panel, also says cull data on the numbers

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Having a positive environmental impact

Giving some thought to where you take the 4×4 is just one way you can reduce your footprint Shooters pride themselves as being custodians of the environment, and that means a lot more than just shooting the right animals, says

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FAC costs could go up…again

The government is considering raising the price of a firearms licence, just five years after the last increase. The Home Office has announced that a review of fees will take place next year, after police chiefs claimed they were subsidising

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SPONSORED: All the latest news from the Northern Shooting Show

The Northern Shooting Show is back for it’s fourth year on 11th/12th May and will once again be held at the Yorkshire Event Centre, which is perfectly placed just off the A1 to the east of the beautiful town of

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BASC backs BGA

BASC and the British Game Alliance have joined forces to secure the future of shooting. BASC will support the BGA with financial backing, access to BASC staff expertise and a BASC council member to sit on the BGA board. That

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Welsh setback for shooting

Shooting organisations have been dealt a blow in the battle to restore shooting on Welsh public land. BASC, the NGO and the Countryside Alliance were trying to mount a judicial review against the ban – but a judge has refused

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Sporting Rifle 166 is on sale now!

April means only one thing in the sporting calendar: It’s the roebuck season, and as always we’re here to help you prepare for it, get the right kit and avoid the dreaded buck fever. First, we’re out with Paul Childerley

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