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Are deer management targets realistic without thermals?

Keen deer stalker, Dr Al Gabriel, wonders whether thermals are really a good thing, and whether he could hit his deer management targets without them. The first time I realised how dependent I had become on thermal scanners was over

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Stalking practices called into question

Questions have been raised about a leading rewilding charity’s deer management practices after a dog walker came across the carcasses of a hind and calf apparently dumped at a beauty spot in the Scottish Highlands. A dog walker came across

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Are deer management targets achievable without thermals?

This article originally appeared on our sister publication, Gun Trade News In his first column for GTN, Dr Al Gabriel, BASC council member, molecular biologist at Newcastle University and keen deer stalker, wonders whether thermals are really a good thing,

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The future of deer in Scotland

Bryon Pace studies the future of deer in Scotland. “It is difficult to explain, and certainly impossible to describe, the mingled feelings of excitement and interest of the enthusiastic sportsman who, after perhaps a couple of hours’ toil and stratagem,

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Scottish groups divided over Covid-19 measures

New Covid-19 measures in Scotland will “cut the legs from under stalking businesses” says the Association of Deer Management Groups (ADGM). Following the Scottish governments late u-turn over the ‘one household rule’, ADGM Chairman Richard Cooke also suggested that the

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Introducing new stalkers to roebuck

With a lightened workload ahead of the red stag season, Chris Dalton is able to enjoy the experience of introducing new stalkers to roebuck. To me, September is a slightly strange month in the stalking calendar. It is a great

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CORONAVIRUS: Advice on shooting activities in England

BASC and other rural organisations have updated their advice for shooting, work on shoots and pest control in England following the government’s latest changes to the regulations for fighting Covid-19.  We must stress that these changes have been made in

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SPONSORED: Who’s in charge of deer at BASC?

BASC’s head of deer management, Martin is a keen shot and avid deer stalker. Originally from Yorkshire, when he is not sat on a high seat he enjoys bird watching. Many of you will not yet have met BASC’s head

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More stalking recommended in Scotland

A new report on Scotland’s deer populations has called for a “hardened” approach to deer stalking, incorporating higher cull targets and more rural stalking jobs. The report comes ahead of an official Scottish Government-commissioned review of deer management, which is

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SPONSORED: BDS deer management training

Looking for training to develop your skills in deer management? BDS provides industry-recognised training in the effective management of deer and their habitats. We can help you develop your skills and expertise ensuring best practice responsible and sustainable deer management.

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