The female of the species

As another year begins, David Barrington Barnes turns his attentions to fallow doe and red hind. Credit: JMrocek / Getty Images Though New Year’s Day is not a shooting day in Scotland, I like to have a stalk on 1

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Dismal December

This time of year can offer terrible weather in all its forms, but there’s no excuse for not getting out there, says David Barrington Barnes. Credit: Boris Roessler / Contributor / Getty Images By the time I picked out the

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Fallow in the frost

David Barrington Barnes on the challenges, opportunities and quirks that hunting in November presents Credit: Getty Images No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease, no comfortable feel in any member, no shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits,

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SPONSORED: Zeiss Conquest V6

The Fallow buck season is upon us and it’s time for for us to give you some advice on which scope you should be using to really utilise those evenings as they get longer. Our choice, as well as Paul

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Day one w/ Paul Childerley

The date is 1st August, and Paul Childerley is setting out after a roebuck but ends up pursuing an entirely different species of deer… The opening day of the fallow season, 1 August, and I’d arranged to meet my buddy

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Fallow under the falcon

On a meat hunt in his native New Zealand, Daryl Crimp is reminded that there are hunters far more formidable than the human in this part of the world Ostensibly it was a meat hunt. A quick sortie to get

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The off-season with David Barrington Barnes

The off-season for fallow is short, but it provides plenty of opportunities for the stalker to get ahead of the game, says David Barrington Barnes. It’s only in May, June and July – the close season for fallow deer –

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Muntjac vigil

Stuart Wilson heads south to bag his first ever muntjac, and hopefully capture it on camera at the same time

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When the blizzard hits

As temperatures dip below zero, Chris Dalton is tasked with taking out a DSC2 candidate in Perthshire, hoping the snow doesn’t make stalking impossible

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Collaborative culls

If the doe cull seems too much for you to handle, you need to tackle it as a team exercise, says David Barrington Barnes

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