Chinese water deer

Stalking debutant

Paul Childerley meets Imogen – who has never stalked before and doesn’t even eat meat – and gives her a sporting introduction on his favoured species, the Chinese water deer I’ve always been one for promoting and bringing in new

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The Shooting Show – cameraman goes Chinese water deer stalking

Chris Dalton is back down in Bedfordshire on one of his stalking jaunts to Paul Childerley’s patch. But he won’t be shooting while someone else films – in fact, it’ll be the other way around. Cameraman Shaz will be shooting

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Stalking differences

As the Chinese water deer season looms once again, Paul Childerley reflects on two stalks for two almost totally different CWD bucks

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The November issue of Sporting Rifle is out now!

The ever-changing seasons always bring something new for the rifleman – and November brings one of the biggest changes of all. Roebucks are no longer in season and roe does have come in – while fallow, sika, red, Chinese water deer and muntjac are all in season in England and Wales too.

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Bucks on film

Chris Dalton juggles the jobs of guide and cameraman while on a group stalk on Paul Childerley’s patch in Bedfordshire

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Hunters on Tour

Paul Childerley welcomes a team of European hunting journalists to the UK, with the aim of guiding them into fallow, muntjac and Chinese water deer. The pressure is on…

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New grounds

Sporting agent Charly Green considers the increasing interest in Chinese water deer trophies from both hunters from overseas and those at home who want to complete
their British six

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