Muntjac stalking w/ Chris Dalton

During his annual trip to Bedford, Chris Dalton hits the jackpot with a trio of muntjac for The Shooting Show. Credit: girishacf / Getty Images This article originally appeared in February’s edition of Sporting Rifle This month I wanted to

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The Shooting Show – Ayrshire Roe Doe ft. Chris Dalton

This week on The Shooting Show Chris Dalton is stalking at home in SW Scotland. The first morning, Chris is on a local farm, out well before first light and he’s watching a couple of roe waiting for the light

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Red hind stalking w/ Chris Dalton

Unfortunate circumstances means there has to be a quick change of plan for Chris Dalton as he stalks red hinds at Kinnaird You can plan all you like… It’s funny how the best laid plans in stalking often don’t materialise

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The Shooting Show – First Hinds

This week we are on the hill stalking hinds early in the season. Ordinarily, after the stags rut, I like to leave the hill to rest a while before starting on the hind to allow the deer some recovery time

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Are deer management targets achievable without thermals?

This article originally appeared on our sister publication, Gun Trade News In his first column for GTN, Dr Al Gabriel, BASC council member, molecular biologist at Newcastle University and keen deer stalker, wonders whether thermals are really a good thing,

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New shooting ground w/ Chris Dalton

Keen to get on with the hind cull, Chris Dalton heads out onto new shooting ground with the help of his step-daughter, Jen. This month, we are really working hard on the female cull. I like to get straight onto

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How to stalk roe in winter

Winter can throw up a particular set of challenges when stalking roe deer for the cull. Follow Dominic Griffith’s advice and make all your outings a success

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The Shooting Show – South Ayrshire for the start of the roe doe season

We are out in South Ayrshire for the latest episode of The Shooting Show as we approach the start of the roe doe season. It is towards the end of my cull but I wanted to check one of the

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SPONSORED: Real World Hunting International

Conservation is at the heart of everything RWI do.  It’s a well-known fact that game farms are leading the way for sustainable hunting, and Olivewoods is no exception to this. Olivewoods Game Farm is located 1-hour north-east of Port Elizabeth

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Introducing new stalkers to roebuck

With a lightened workload ahead of the red stag season, Chris Dalton is able to enjoy the experience of introducing new stalkers to roebuck. To me, September is a slightly strange month in the stalking calendar. It is a great

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