The calibre hunter

Byron Pace assesses the performance of a lesser-known alternative to the .375 H&H For the last few months I have been in Africa, spending much of that time walking with some of the biggest and most dangerous animals on the

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Boot bonanza!

Boots and wellies for surviving strenuous stalks, keeping your feet dry and comfortable Zamberlan Hunter Pro Manufactured with a Gore-Tex® insulated lining to ensure feet remain warm and dry, Zamberlan’s flagship boot also employs Vibram and a Darwin Wide last

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Safari Surprises w/ Daryl Crimp

On a safari trip with hunting buddy Grant, Daryl Crimp remarks that Africa never gives you what you expect but always gives you a reason to return It had been a long stalk, the dust of the bushveld coating my

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Clash of cultures

A Scotsman, an Irishman, an Englishman and a Swede – it’s no joke, but the party assembled for a late-season red stag stalk at Dalness Estate. Jason Doyle tells the tale… I crack the window slightly and drink in the

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Red alert for Chris Dalton

Photo: Justus de Cuveland / Getty Images Amid a busy September for Chris Dalton, he finds time to take an American visitor out for a roebuck – or an opportune red stag. September can be a mixed bag for us.

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Enter our competition NOW

We’ve got a lighting bundle worth £347 to give away to one lucky hunter thanks to Streamlight. You can enter the competition on our website here: Entry closing date is 9th August A company with over 45 years’ experience

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Paul Childerley heads to Slovenia for the hunt of a lifetime!

Top of the world: Paul Childerley heads to Slovenia for the hunt of a lifetime amid not one but two mountain ranges. It was a true honour to be invited to Slovenia to hunt for a species I had never hunted

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Best foot forward

Will O’Meara shares his words of wisdom on some of the most divisive kit in a shooter’s arsenal: the bipod

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A happy warrior

David Barrington Barnes recalls the military and sporting career of Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart, a fearless war hero but also a dedicated hunter

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Slowly does it

You don’t need to hunt at the speed of light. While teaching his son about how to be a hunter, Daryl Crimp passes on some wisdom about the benefits of taking it slow

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