Ryan Charlton and Howa hit the top spot at UKPRL

Huge congratulations to Ryan Charlton from Highland Outdoors and Howa who took first place in the UK PRL Factory Division. Charlton also took first place in the Factory Division Extreme Long Range Challenge and 2nd place overall at the second

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Ask the experts

This edition of ‘ask the experts’ is all about foxing, and our experts are going to solve your fox shooting queries.   Legal Question: I’ve been waiting for my firearms certificate to arrive for months now, with no joy. Is there

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Sig Sauer BDX review

Stuart Wilson spends some quality time testing the Sig Sauer BDX ballistic system atop a Howa 1500 rifle

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Weatherby Vanguard Review

When I was young, and avidly read American and Canadian shooting magazines, the Weatherby ranked alongside such top names as Marlin and Ruger. So I was looking forward to seeing the Weatherby Vanguard ‘in the flesh’. Would this mystical name live up to my boyhood dreams once it arrived on these shores?

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Armchair hunting

Back with his feet firmly on African soil, Byron Pace heads into the darkness with his sights set on a sheep killer

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Shades of brass

Laurie Holland identifies some important considerations to take on board when full length sizing cases

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